Infinite AR - Episode 26902

Angelina thought she was seeing things, but the reality is that she was actually growing younger right before her eyes. The faint lines she was trying to hide all these years were fading away to nothing, as her skin was completely smooth and flawless. She could feel her breasts rising higher and was loosing the sagginess that was started a few years ago. The fat around her waist flattened, leaving her stomach firm and her hourglass figure completely flat. She also noticed that the gray streaks on her hair darkening, leaving her coal black hair devoid of aging while the shine of it was returning. Angelina looked on and was amazed by this.

But as she was watching, something really strange happened. Looking on, she noticed that her white cloth bra and panties morphing before her eyes. Not only that her body was regressing, but her clothing as well. Her bra readjusted size to match her breasts and changed color to a silhouette red and it looked completely see through with her pointed nipples showing. Her panties changed as well to fit the same size as her shapely waist. Other stuff was added on her body too. There was a pair of silky see through pantyhose down her leg and up to her mid thighs. Around her waist is a silk harness with straps at the pointed bottom to the tops of the pantyhose. Angelina looked on in disbelief and looked like she was ten years younger and wearing some provocative lacy underwear, like she was reliving her final college days.

Jim looked at the changes through the tree house and finds it intriguing. Watching a mother regressed to a college girl is somewhat entertaining, but it was all in the name of testing. As he was watching, he noticed that Angelina was still regressing. She was looking at the mirror as she regressed past her twenties and entered her late teens.

She could feel herself shrinking down to four to five inches. It was obvious that she was going through a reverse growth spurt since she's had the last one when she was nineteen. Her body was also starting to look less mature but at the same time remained sexy. Her breasts were downgraded from CC to just plain Cs but were still plumped and bouncy for a teen chest. Her hips decreased by a few centimeters yet still obtain its curves and hourglass figure. Her muscles were slowly eroding but it still has its tone and athletic ability. Her face remained the same, but it was beginning to show signs of her childhood innocence. Her nose was a tad smaller, her eyes were a little bigger, and structure looked a little rounder. Her black hair started to shrink upwards as it brushed her shoulders, and she could swear that the pigment of her hair was getting a little lighter. It's obvious because when she was young, her hair was sandy blonde and grew darker when she grew older. Now that she's growing younger, her hair was looked dark chocolate brown.

As Angelina's body regressed, her clothes changed to match her age. The stocking on her legs slowly faded away until there was nothing on them. Then the bra and panties shrank to fit the dimensions of her body. The fabric changed from see-through to lace and the color changed from red to sky blue. It now looked like lingerie she used to wear when she was a teen. In fact, her entire body looked like the time she was a senior in high school and is on the verge of graduating.

Jim's heart was beating even more as his hormones were racing. Seeing a mature woman go down to her late teens was quite entertaining, especially when she's at the peak of maturity. He felt like he wants to date her cause of the way she looks. But didn't want too since she does have a family to take care of. As he was watching, he looked on to see if the changes have stopped. But as he was watching, he noticed Angelina regressing some more.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Angelina realized that she was going back down in age. She went down two more reverse spurts and was below her five-foot rank. Her body continues to erode away as she was looking more like a mid teen girl then an adult. Her C cup breasts degraded more and shrunk to a pair of perky B cups. Her hips shrank a little more and were less curvy, but still had her hourglass shape. Her arms and legs shrunk with body and lost some of its muscles, yet it remained toned and healthy through her teen years. Her brown hair shrank a little more as it brushed her shoulders while the pigment was beginning to lighten. Even her face was showing signs of it being less mature with her head getting rounder, her nose getting a little smaller, and her eyes looking a little bigger.

The changes then happened to her clothes yet again the moment she got younger. The bra and panties shrank to fit her body as the cup sizes of her bra match the size of her now shrunken breasts. The sky blue color of both lingerie then darkened to black and puffed up into a smoothing texture. It was something that Angelina went through during her teenage years, looking like all the older girls in high school. Angelina looked at the mirror long enough and could tell that she regressed to fifteen years of age and was pushed back to a freshman in high school.

Jim looked on at the whole experience and was enjoying the whole thing to begin with. Seeing Angelina going from a mother to a young teen is quite entertaining. But looking at the remote, he wondered when this process would stop. He did set this to a random age and it is hard to tell when this process will stop. All he had to do is watch and see what happens.

Back to Angelina she was amazed at what was happening to her. Starring at the mirror, she was surprised to see her young teenage self at the mirror. Not only that, but she's filled with so much energy that she lost when she was older. It felt so incredible. But at the same time, she felt really worried. Looking at herself, she knew that whatever's happening to her body is making her younger by the second. She looked on and wondered if the changed on her body stopped. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, as she could feel her body shrinking some more.

Looking at herself, she realized that she had regressed down to two years of her life and her body looked less mature and more childish. She had already shrunk down to around 4'5 and she looked a little skinny. Her breasts degraded yet again as they were nothing more then rounded A cups. Her hips grew much smaller and her hourglass wasn't as noticeable as before. The bones in her arms and legs compressed to match her new age while the muscle tone started to deflate away, making them look a little skinnier then before. Even her ass was flattening up since her hips no longer had the dimensions necessary to hold it. Her face was going through the same type of metamorphosis as her body as she transcended to her childhood. Her structure kept on getting a little rounder as her cheeks puffed up a bit. Her nose grew smaller and less upturned while her lips looked less puffy and her eyes looked bigger then before. To top it all off, her hair had gotten a little shorter, but not that much, and looking a little wavier while the pigment lightened to a lighter color brown.

As Angelina looked at herself in the mirror, she could see her lingerie getting younger along with her. The bra cups had gotten smaller to match the size of her breasts. The bra itself changed into something the youngest teens would where. The color of her bra went from black to white as the texture lost its puffiness and turned into thin cloth. Little red squares appeared on her straps to help her adjust the size of her bra while a red little heart appeared on the right side of her cup. Same goes with her underwear as it not only turned white and clothe like, it also had a little red ribbon on the top part of her panties. Looking on, she noticed that it didn't look like lingerie at all, only simple bra and panties for younger teenagers.

Angelina looked through the mirror and was now a younger teenager at thirteen years of age. She looked right at herself and turned in different directions, realizing that she was nothing but a pre-teen. Jim looked on through the old tree house and was surprised to see the device stopped the regression to when she was entering the threshold of teen hood. She now would be an older sister for her former daughter. It all felt so strange for Jim. Seeing a thirty something mother going down to a young teen is very weird. But it's all in the matter of testing his remote to see how good it is. And once the changes our done, he can use the device to return her back to normal before things could get worse.

Back in the house, Angelina looked on in sure amazement and didn't know what to think. Her body went from being a woman of thirty to a young teen with so much ambition. It was completely shocking for her. It's almost like the weight of the world lifted off her shoulders and she was now free from all the hardships of adult life. Not only that, but she now has renewal energy in her body and it's building up ever since the regression. She almost feels like she wants to have fun then working and wondered what her husband and daughter would think of her when they see her like this. Just as she was thinking about all of this, she felt another tingling and knew what that meant. Looking into the mirror, she watched on in fascination as her body is going through another regression stage.

Starring into the mirror, she watched as her height went down again to a 4'2 mark and regressed another two years. Her bodily dimensions kept on deteriorating, as what made her a woman is almost gone. Her breasts grew much smaller until they were nothing more then mere bumps on her chest. Her hips compressed further as there were little curves left on her waist, leaving not much of an hourglass figure. Her arms and legs kept on getting shorter to match her height and the remainder of her muscles is almost gone, looking skinnier then toned. Her face looking more childish then before with a small upturned nose, thinning lips, freckles on the bridge of her nose, and big childish eyes. The hair grew a little shorter and was getting wavier then she remembered, but it was very youthful and so vibrant.

As her body finished changing, her bra and panties changed looked a lot plainer. The white color remained the same, but the heart and ribbon design on the lingerie vanished completely. To top it all of is the red squares vanishing and the size of the bra was adjusted to fit the girl's body. Looking at this, she soon realizes that her bra and panties is nothing more then a mere training bra and her body looks like a little girl that just started puberty.

With the changes finished, Angelina looked on in sheer belief and still don't know what to think of it. What she was looking at was a young girl starting her path to womanhood and nothing that resembled her old self. Jeff looked at this too and was quite amazed at how she went from a woman to a kid in mere minutes. He was so much in awe about this as her. Seeing Angelina as a preteen made himself feel sorry for his decision. But with the device in his hand, he can return her back to normal once the changes were finished. The problem is when will the changes stop?

Back at the house, Angelina looked at herself in the mirror and was awestruck by all of this. She now looks like a pre-teen kid beginning puberty. She never thought that all of this would happen in a matter of minutes. Not only that, but she was getting more energy then ever. It has been building up more and more ever since she's getting younger and she couldn't contain it. It's like she wants to spend her time playing rather then worrying about how she looks. But she needs to control herself and watch to see if the changes will stop. But as she watched, she noticed that she was getting much younger.

Angelina started to shrink some more as she passed her double digit years and entering the single digits. Her height was not below the four feet mark and her body finished removing all of her womanly attributes. What's left of her breasts shrank away, leaving her flat as a board. Her lack of her hourglass figure straightened completely and her hips were extremely boyish. Even her butt deflated as well to match her diminishing body. All of her womanly muscles were gone as well as her shortened arms and legs left her looking skinny like a tree branches. The changes of her face were next to go, as Angelina was more childish then before. Her structure was completely round with a small nose, big eyes, thin lips, and small ears. Her hair then passed her shoulders and was looking a little more boyish like her body as the brown color brightened a little more and has little blonde strands here and there.

With her body changed, Angelina knew that her lingerie, or lack there of, would be next. As she watch the changes, something strange happened. With her breasts non-existent, she doesn't need a bra anymore. So as she grew younger, her bra slowly faded until it looked translucent. When she finished going through a reverse puberty, her bra disappeared completely, leaving nothing but a bare chest with tiny nipples. Even though her bra was long gone, her panties still kept on changing. The color of her panties went from bright white, to a girlish pink color. At the top of the panties, pink fillies grew out followed by two pink little bots on the left and right. Now her panties looked like something a little girl would wear.

As the regression stopped, Angelina was now a little girl at eight years of age. She was completely stunned by this and didn't know how to respond to that. She stared at the mirror and was amazed that she went from an adult to a kid in minutes. Even Jeff looked through his old tree house and was impressed of how the remote changed this woman unexpectedly. Looking at her as a kid, he could tell that she was really cute at that age. But he begins to worry if the remote stopped the regression since she was getting too young for herself. If she gets younger then that, then there would be some serious consequences when the process is done. So both Jeff and Angelina wondered if the changes have stopped. Unfortunately, it didn't as the changes continued.

Back in the room, Angelina watched on as she continued to shrink further to childhood. Though her body no longer has any adult attributes, it still continued to look more childish. She could see her stomach getting a little round as her arms and legs looked a little chubby. Her face was getting childish as well and kept on getting cuter by the second. Her nose looked more upturned and small, her eyes were big and round, and her cheeks looked puffed up. Her hair now looked above her shoulders and was completely wavy as the brown pigment color lightened some more, looking a little more blondish brown. Even though she no longer has a bra on her chest, Angelina's underwear continued to youthen to match her body. The frillies and ribbons on the top disappeared completely and the color of her panties change color from pink to light sky blue. It was then that designs appeared on the panties and in the middle is a picture of Aerial from the Little Mermaid.

Within a half a minute, Angelina was now a 5-year-old leaving babyhood and wearing childish Little Mermaid undies for young children. She looked on and was too shocked for words. She almost looked like her own daughter at that age with a few exceptions. This surprised her and shocked her at the same time. In her mind, she said to herself how is she ever going to support her family with a body of a young child. Heading back to the tree house, Jim watches everything and couldn't believe that the remote made her into a kid in a couple of minutes. But the most he watched, the more he worries. He set the remote to regress Angelina to a random age. He has no clue when this process will stop and as she regressed further to infancy, he wonders what would happen soon after. Will it stop, or will it continue? All he had to do is wait and see what happens next.

Back to Angelina, she looked on with disbelief and couldn't believe it happened to her. She wondered if the changes would stop or if she would return to normal. The moment she asked herself that, the regression continues as she younger through babyhood. She kept on growing smaller and smaller as her body got chubbier and chubbier. Baby fat grew all over her arms and legs, as her stomach started to looked bloated. Her face was getting babyish as well as her cheeks grew puffy, her eyes were big, and her nose was button like. Her legs started to feel a little weaker as she was slowly loosing balance, yet she still standing up straight. At the same time, her hair grew smaller and looked a little like a bob cut while her color lightened from light brown to sandy blonde. As her body grew younger, Angelina's childish undies regressed to match her age. This time though, her underwear changed in a big way. The light blue color and the Little Mermaid design faded completely, leaving nothing but a dull white color. The panties the puffed up and started to become more crumpled around the ridges. It was then that her panties had turned into a diaper she wore before she was potty trained.

Angelina looks on as the changes stopped and soon realize that she was no more that a 2-year-old toddler, well two and a half. She starred in disbelief and didn't know what to think of all of this. Jim looked at her too and was scared for his life. All he wanted to see what his remote changing a person's age. He wasn't expecting the remote to turn a woman around her thirties into a small toddler. But that's what you get when you select a random regression age as she continue to regress herself to the point of an infant. He just hopes that the invention he made stopped the regression soon, or things would take a turn for the worse.

Heading back to Angelina, she was both amazed and shocked that her body underwent all of the changes from an adult woman to a young toddler. All she wanted to do is come up with ideas in a new lingerie line for a clothing company, not regressing to a baby. She continues to think that it was all a dream and that she would wake up anytime soon. But all of it is real and completely impossible to imagine. She just hopes that it would be all over and that she would return to her old self. But instead, she felt a tingle again and regressing once more.

She continued to grow smaller and fatter as she reached infancy. Her legs grew weaker until she couldn't stand on her own, let alone walk. She immediately tripped and landed on her butt, while starring at herself in the mirror. Her face was getting too babyish for her as it was well rounded, has a button nose, big innocent eyes, and thin lips. She rolled her tongue around and felt all of her baby teeth shrinking into her gums. All of her shady blonde hair shrank further into her scalp until it was all thin a wispy. Her diaper got younger too as the color changed to pink and had the title on the rear that said, 'It's a Girl!'. Other things appear too like pink mittens, pink boots, a pink cap, and a pink blanket to keep and felt incredibly tired. Failing to fight the fatigue she closed her eyes and went into a deep slumber.

Jim saw the changes from his tree house window and was shocked to see what happened. Within a matter of minutes, he used his remote to turn Angelina from a hard working fashion designer in her thirties to a newborn baby girl who is no more then a few days old. It was some interesting entertainment for him and proved that the remote worked like a charm. But what amazes him, scares him as well. See, he selected a random age on Angelina to see what would happen. But he wasn't expecting her to regress into a baby that was just born. He just hopes that the regression stopped there cause if it doesn't, there's going to be some serious consequences. So what happens next?

  1. The regression stopped
  2. The regression stopped and Angelina is growing back up
  3. She grows younger into a unborn fetus
  4. She winked right out of existance

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