Mother Daughter Switch

Infinite AR - Episode 26887

Jim was now getting scared for Angelina's daughter would get suspicious about this little girl whose name match that of her mother's. He has to do something before she realizes that the young girl was really her mother. After thinking this through, he came up with a really good idea. Since Angelina's now her daughter's age, why not make her daughter her mother's age? The old switcharoo as the saying goes. It seems like the perfect plan. Looking at his remote, he decided to make some changes.

He started to target the young girl, whose name is Alicia, or Alice for short, and got the information he needed. Once he scanned her, he started to change some settings. The first was to change her age from five to thirty-four, the same age her mother was. Then he set up other options to, making her age mentally, that her clothes ages like her, making sure she's unaware of the changes, and altering reality. With all the settings in place, he smiled and liked what he was putting together. Looking down at the two girls, he targeted Alice and said, "Here goes nothing..."

The moment he pressed the button, a beam came out of the remote and headed to the girl. Meanwhile, Alice looked at her former mother and was confused by this strange girl that has the same name as her mom. As she was getting suspicious, the beam of light hit her and an electric pulse surged through her body. Alice rubbed her head and was a little dizzy saying, "What was that? I feel a little weird." Alice started to feel some goose bumps on her skin as the changes were starting. But Angelina was a little preoccupied with building her sand castle to even notice it.

Alice's first change was her height as she grew past her third footmark. At the same time, what was left of her baby fat disappeared, leaving her completely skinny. Her clothes changed as well as they flashed through various child fashions through time. By the time she grew, she was around ten years old and looked like a big sister then a twin.

By the time Alice entered her double digits, puberty began to show on her body. Her chest started to tingle and started to produce some bumps, followed by cones, and then A-cup breasts. They continued to grow in cup sizes as a bra magically appeared on her chest. Her hips started to grow wide while her butt grew round, giving her a slim hourglass for a teen. She started to gain some muscle tone as years of athletic ability expanded as well as the education she gains in high school. Her face was crossing between a child and an adult with her face going a little oval, her nose slimming, her eyes smaller, and her hair growing longer, which formed into a ponytail. The clothes on her continued to evolve as it went from child clothing for teenage fashions and maturing by the passing second. In a matter of minutes, she was not a teenage girl entering her sweet sixteen.

The moment she reached her twenties, her body filled up nicely and looked more like a young adult. Her breasts continued to grow and were now melon sized C cups. Her hips grew wider and curvier as her ass was shaped like a heart. Her muscle tone grew more prominent and she looked healthily sexy. Her face turned into that of a beauty with smooth skin, an oval structure, plush lips, gleaming eyes, thin elegant nose, and long flowing dark red hair. Even her clothes continue to mature to that of a young college girl as she looked like she was showing off in front of all the guys. Soon enough, Alice was now a 25-year-old young lady about to graduate college and was on her way to becoming a fashion designer.

She then entered her thirties and she was showing signs of aging. There were faint lines around her eyes and mouth and a few gray streaks were on her hair. Her body started to gain a little fat around the hips as her breasts started to droop a little low. Her clothes looked more professional as a flash of her wedding dress appeared. As the changes started, it stopped. Standing near Angelina was't a five-year-old girl, but a 34-year-old professional woman wearing a light red blouse over a red vest, a red skirt that goes down to her knees, and a pair of red three inch heel shoes and her hair was done up in a bun. Alice felt dizzy as all the knowledge entered her brain from fashion designs to new memories. As the changes finished, she looked around and was confused saying, "What happened? How did I get here?"

Angelina looked back at this strange woman and remembers who she was. Smiling to her, she said, "Look mommy! I made a sand castle! Isn't it pretty?" Alice looked at her now daughter and smiled saying, "Yes sweetie, that looks really nice. But it's getting late and your dad will be coming any minute now. Let's head back inside and get ready for him. Oh and you have to give me my dress your wearing. Have to clean the sand out of it." Angelina nodded as the two headed back to the house. Meanwhile Jim looked at all of it and sighed in relief. "Phew... That was too close for call. One more minute and I would've been in trouble." Looking down at the remote, he wondered what to do next.

  1. The husband comes in, change him
  2. Goes back to his house to test the remote some more
  3. Try the remote on himself
  4. Head to Alice's and Angelina's house for a visit
  5. Have a break with the remote

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