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Infinite AR - Episode 26785

sharon interrupted "Baby...good idea. Cheating on me jimmy is so childish but im going to make you look so babyish... and your friend too." When claire heard this she confused. "I didn't know you had a girlfriend you pig!" she looked a sharon with copassion. "I'm so sorry." claire said. Sharon smiled, "Cute." claire moved to get up, she then paused when she heard a crankel. she looked down and saw she wore a large disposable diaper. it had pictures of butter flys and flowers on the front of it. claire was know naked except for the diaper. then something rubber popped in her mouth. jim eyes looked in shock, claire was in a adult size huggies and sucking on a pacifier. she looked like a overgrown baby. the diaper made claire waddle as she tried to run from sharon. sharon giggled when claire hit the ground. sharon then turned to jim with a giant smile. "i want you to see your self get babyfide." jims pants started to ride up into his underwear, they mixed together, got pale white and become plastic like. pictures of colorful circles appear on it and became a adult sized diaper. jim then felt a pacifier appear in his mouth with a string around his neck making a necklace to keep the paci around his neck. "damn you too look so sex...cute just so damn...cute. sharon said.

  1. they use there diapers
  2. sharon dresses them up
  3. they run from sharon
  4. claire hits jim for having this happen to her
  5. they try to talk to jim.

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3/3/2013 5:54:23 AM

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