shrunk inside of a diaper pail

Infinite AR - Episode 26752

although it wasn't on his mind at the moment - jim had always had a secret desire to be buried in dirty diapers. as he picked up the pendent there was a bright flash and then darkness. he didn't realize where he was at first - it smell awful and whatever he was standing on was smushy. suddenly there was a blind light from above. Jim realized he was in a long cyclinder like object and suddenly there was a giant hand far above, holding a....DIAPER?! he looked down for a split second and realized he was standing on top of a dirty diaper and another was about to come crashing down on top of him. he dove for the side of the container as the diaper impacted on the other diaper in the pail. soon there was darkness again as the lid closed. "I...I...can't beleive i'm inside of a diaper pail?!" I wondering if I can wish my way out of here or if I have to wait a while....hopefully I won't have to climb out" Jim estimated he was maybe 2 inches tail judging by the size of the diapers.

  1. he's able to wish/teleport out with the pendent
  2. he has to wait while before he can teleport
  3. he's stuck - will need to climb out
  4. he's really stuck - will get thrown out in the trash
  5. something else.

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3/18/2013 10:36:53 PM

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