sharon shares jims fate

Infinite AR - Episode 26681

Jim told sharon what had happened. "Now that you know, I can't afford you messing things up for me." Kati said as she zapped sharon. Sharon stood up and grabbed for the gun, losing her skirt in the process. She couldn't reach the gun because she was an 8 year old, getting younger. The shirt and bra were ripped from her, making sharon as exposed as jim. They were now both 4 years old. "Dam it kati! Tuwn us back ta nowmal!" She cried. "No, actually I'm gonna go have more fun with this gun." Said kati as she took their clothes and phones and left, locking the door to the room. "Oh no..." "what?" Replied jim. Sharon started to wet herself.

  1. follow kati
  2. follow jim and sharon
  3. Kati plays "House"

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2/19/2013 12:27:04 AM

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