Jim the pig is off the slaughter house

Infinite AR - Episode 2663

Jim was shock to see that the person taking him away was an employe at the slaughter house and he knew thats where he was going and he had no way of escaping.

Later that day......

MMMMM, this bacon is so good said Jim's dad at the breakfast table

Sure, is said his mom

What Brand is this?

Its called Jimmy's baccon

Well it sure is good to bad Jim had disapeared a month ago. I wonder whatever happened to him.

Whatever he is, I hope he likes it.

Jim's parents continue to eat the baccon unknowing it could be their son.

  1. The end
  2. Restart the story from a different person's view
  3. The baccon isnt Jim and he is still at the slaughter house awaiting his fate

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1/26/2006 1:04:39 PM

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