Danielle Revealed

Infinite AR - Episode 26538

Katie couldn't take it anymore, she didn't care what her husband thought, she was going to find out exactly who Danielle really was and her background. "Wendy, boys, could I borrow Danielle for a little bit?" Katie asked. "Mom, can't you see we're in the middle of something?" Wendy begged trying to keep herself from shouting. "Don't worry honey, this will only take a few minutes." "It's okay Wendy, I don't mind." Dani told her best friend. "Be right back." Danielle said to Pete kissing him on the cheek. Katie and Danielle went a little bit away from the other three and Jim so they could talk in private. "Now Danielle, I'm going to ask a few things about yourself and I want you to tell me truthfully, okay?" Katie asked. "No problem." Dani answered. "Alright, first of all, how long have you and Wendy known each other?" Danielle didn't answer for a moment but then something popped into her head out of the blue. "We met in first grade, you dropped Wendy off in her new classroom and before you left, you saw us talking with each other because she was a little shy." Katie wasn't sure about that story but then she suddenly recalled seeing the two of them talk before she left her daughter's classroom. "Okay I do remember that, what about your parents, where are they?" Katie asked. Again Danielle had her mouth agape for a second before she answered. "My parents work out of town a lot. You and Wendy's dad usually let me sleep over at your house so I'm not by myself." Katie didn't know whether to believe that or not but suddenly her cell phone began to rang and she saw the caller was listed as Danielle's mother. "Hello?" 'Katie, hi, it's Dorothy, I'm just calling to check on Danielle, how is she?' "Oh she's great, we're all just at the park, when will you and uh," 'Rudolph?' "Yes, yes, when will you and he be back?" 'Shouldn't be more than two days.' "Alright, see you then." 'Oh, is Danielle with you?' "Yes, you want to talk to her?" 'Please.' Katie handed her cell phone to Danielle. "Hi mom, no I've been good, yes, uh, yes I do actually, but let me tell you and dad about him when you get back, bye, love you too." Danielle then handed Katie back her cell phone. "Jim and I have met your parents before, right?" Katie asked. "Uh yeah, when haven't you? You guys all met at my seventh birthday party. I can't think of when I haven't seen you four together." Dani answered. Katie thought back to that birthday party and then remembered all the double dinner dates that they'd had with Rudolph and Dorothy. "Can I go back with friends my own age group now?" Dani asked. "What? Oh, yes, go right ahead." Katie said as she went back over to Jim. "You remember her parents, Rudolph and Dorothy right?" Katie asked Jim. Jim thought for a minute and suddenly the memories of them began flooding into his mind. "Of course I do, now let's find something else to do if you're satisfied." Jim said to Katie. Katie nodded with a smile. Both were unaware that Jim's device had not only changed their reality but also created a new one where Danielle now had new parents as well as George and Pete. "Now what do you want to do?" Jim asked kissing Katie on the cheek as they left Wendy alone with her friends. "Why don't we..."

  1. AR that old woman feeding the pigeons
  2. AR a teacher on a class fieldtrip
  3. AP the children on the class fieldtrip
  4. AR & AP their neighbors
  5. Get rid of the device

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