Worry Not, Katie

Infinite AR - Episode 26535

Jim did not like seeing his wife continue to worry like this and came up with an idea. "Alright, Katie, darling, please just hear me out on this: What if we turn Wendy and Dani older along with Pete and George, that way they'll be able to take care of themselves and we won't have to worry about them." Jim suggested. "Good idea, I've got one: Why don't we make all four of them regress until they're unborn, then we can raise the rest of them like they're our children." Katie said to Jim. "Perhaps, though do you think we ought to just leave them alone and go do something by ourselves?" Jim said. After a while of brainstorming, they agreed to...

  1. Turn Wendy, Danielle, George, and Pete into Adults
  2. Make Wendy, Danielle, George, and Pete unborn and they go into Katie's womb
  3. Jim and Katie go do something else
  4. Wendy, Danielle, Geoge, and Pete decided to do something

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3/4/2013 3:49:50 PM

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