Neither a Child nor Daughter be

Infinite AR - Episode 26361

Katie used the device on the little girl first and progressed her until she was roughly the same age as her mother, with the exception that she was a little more 'developed'. The parents were a little confused as to what had just happened until Jim then regressed the two until they were the age that their daughter had been. "I want to go see the movie too." The regressed father begged. "Well I don't want to." The regressed mother argued back to him sticking her tongue out at him. "Now, now," The former daughter now mother said to her children. "You two know very well that mommy has been wanting to this movie for a while now and you two can't see it with me, so I want you two to stay in the park and wait for me, okay?" She asked sweetly. "Yes mommy." The now sister and brother answered. "Good." The mother said as she kissed both of them on the forehead and went into the movie theater. "I think it's safe to say, that family is a little more well adjusted." Katie said. "I agree," Jim said looking at his watch. "Now I believe it is time to..."

  1. Go home by themselves
  2. Go home by themselves and take Wendy
  3. Let Wendy, Danielle, George, and Pete be a little more mature
  4. A school field trip is nearby and Jim and Katie both get a smirk
  5. Back to Wendy, Danielle, George , and Pete

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