Jim and Katie "fix a problem"

Infinite AR - Episode 26357

Back at their house, Jim and Katie were still debating on whether or not to keep Katie the age she is, or make her younger again. "Why don't you call that friend of yours and ask her for help." Jim suggested. "Oh, you mean Carol?" "Yeah, her. I seem to recall whenever you needed help with something that Carol was usually the one you went to for help." Jim reminisced. "You're right, I'm going to give her a call." Katie got out her cellphone and scrolled down to Katie's number. "Hmm, still the same after all these years." Katie said noticing Carol's phone number. Katie then hit the call button on her phone and waited a minute before it was answered. 'Hello?' A young voice said on the other end of the phone. "Uh, hello could I speak to Carol, please?" Katie asked. 'Speaking.' The young girl replied. "No, I think you must mean your mother." 'My mom's name isn't Carol, and my full name is most definitely Caroline, just so you know.' "Oh, uh, sorry for disturbing you then. Goodbye." Katie ended the call with a ponderous look on her face. "Something wrong?" Jim asked. "It was so odd, a young girl on the other end answered and she sounded exactly like Carol did when she was a young girl. She even told me that her full name is Caroline and I should know, I'm the one who said she should just call herself Carol as a nickname." Katie informed Jim. "Oh my gosh." Jim said softly moving his hand over his head. "What is it?" Katie asked curiously. "I think my device has somehow accidentally turned our friends younger and they don't realize it." Jim hypothesized, though he didn't realize that he was wrong. "Well then let's go!" Katie said pulling Jim's arm and grabbing the device as they left the house. "Steady there love, just where are we going anyway?" Jim asked. "Over to Carol's house, if what you say is true then we've got to reverse the situation and make Carol a grown woman again." Katie said as she got into the driver seat and Jim got into the passenger seat. When they arrived at Carol's house, they saw her outside playing a little basketball. "Playing sports, just like I remember, though right now she's supposed to be an attorney." Katie said to Jim. Katie got some of that right, but mixed up facts not knowing Carol's mom is the attorney. Jim and Katie both approached Carol. Carol seemed a little confused as to what the two of them were doing here. "Hi, Can I help you?" Carol asked. "No, but we can help you. Sorry you got like this, but I promise I'll make it up to you." Katie apologized pointing the device at Carol. "What are you talking...?" Carol never finished her sentence as Katie zapped her friend with the device to make Carol, or Caroline, her "right" age.

  1. Carol, or Caroline is back to "Normal" as an Attorney at 37.
  2. Carol, or Caroline is almost back to "Normal" at 37, but her Mental Age is the Same.
  3. something else.

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