Love Firsthand

Infinite AR - Episode 26356

Jim and Katie had heard Wendy say she was going to the park and they decided to check up on her, just to make sure she was okay. "Where do you think she could be?" Jim asked Katie looking around. "Oh, Jim, look, she's over at the canal in one of those paddle boats." Katie said to Jim pointing toward the canal. Jim looked and saw her with George in the boat. "Isn't that Pete's friend, the stutterer?" Jim asked. Katie looked closer and saw that it was the same guy. "It is indeed and it also looks like, Wendy's leaning her head on his shoulder." Katie noticed. "Our little girl is dating? I cannot allow this." Jim said as he began to storm over to the canal. Katie suddenly grabbed his arm. "Honey, please, let's just leave them alone for now." Katie asked. Jim looked at Wendy and saw her give a grin that he hadn't seen for a while. "I suppose you're right, after all, this means we have the whole rest of the day to ourselves." Jim said as he pulled Katie in closer to him as she giggled. Jim and Katie then gave each other a kiss on the lips for only a moment but felt for them like an eternity. After that, they went down and sat at a park bench, leaving Wendy and her friends alone. As they sat, they noticed a few people with some problems; a mother yelling at her teenage son for smoking, a little girl who was begging her parents to take her to a movie she was too young to see, and an elderly woman sitting by herself feeding some birds. "Why don't we do a good deed for the day out." Katie said as she showed Jim she had brought the device with her, he agreed and they used it on...

  1. Change the mother and teenage son
  2. Change the little girl and her parents
  3. Change the elderly woman
  4. Someone else

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