Love is in the air

Infinite AR - Episode 26346

George excused himself as the two young couples sat and held hands and watched the water flow by in the park's canal.

"Remember when you were like teasing me about being older this morning?" Dani asked.

Wendy wanted to say 'yeah' but for some reason her mind didn't want to let her. The more she thought about it, the less she remembered.

Finally, she answered "Actually, no. What are you talking about??"

"Just that you were going on about how I should be older or some craziness. Surely you remember?"

"Me? This morning? I said that?"

"You sure you didn't get your head hit before George pulled you back from the road?" Dani asked with a laugh.

"I dunno... I don't remember that conversation at all. I guess must be losing it! So move ahead, what were you going to say?"

"I was just going to say how like great it is that we're all the same age, living at the same time, and in this town. We could be anywhere in the world but fate has us here. All of us. You and me are best friends for life and now we've met Pete and George!"

Dani gave Pete's hand a squeeze and followed it with a peck on the cheek.

Meanwhile, George returned. "I, I, went and got this for you" he said as he handed Wendy the note she had tried to chase down earlier "I figured if it was so important that you about ran into traffic to get it that, you know, maybe you shouldn't lose it"

Wendy couldn't remember why she was chasing it now. "Thanks. You're sweet" she said as George sat back down beside her.

She started reading the note. It was all unfamiliar to her now. "Did you read this?" she asked George.

"M, m, me? Ummmm... Yeah.... kinda. A, ah, a little bit I guess. What's it mean?"

Wendy looked at is closely. She began to have some memory fragments return. But they didn't seem real. Still, she could suddenly remember some of the conversation that Dani was speaking of earlier. Before she couldn't remember it at all. Now it was coming back. If what this note was saying was true, all of their ages were wrong and more confusing yet, she now had a crush on her father-in-law and Dani was falling for Pete... who should be her own husband!! Pete's her husband?

She remembered her mom and dad's device back home. Or at least the people she thought of as her mom and dad! She could vaguely remember having it that morning. Had she used it on Dani? Is that why Dani was remembering a conversation about being older? The fragments were falling into place. Maybe her parents had written this note because of these memory side effects? Maybe it was some type of failsafe to keep things from getting out of hand? Worse yet, maybe all of them really had forgotten who they are supposed to be? Could that be true? Could that be possible?

Before she could sort things out any further Dani grabbed the note and stuffed it in Wendy's pocket. "C'mon miss reader poo! Let's go take a paddle boat ride in the canal!"

Wendy tried to protest but both George and Dani were each tugging on an arm and Pete was motioning for her to get a move on.

Wendy didn't want to go to the canal right now. She wanted to think about... about... ...about something...? Something was important.

Dani and George kept tugging and cajoling her. She needed to ignore them... There was something important to do... Yes, she needed to do what was important right now.

"C'mon... Are you afraid to get a little wet???"

"It's not that it's....uhhhh...." She stopped mid sentence and kicked her shoes off.

"Last one in the paddle boat is a rotten egg!!!!" she yelled as she ran barefoot and carefree to the first available paddleboat while the other 3 caught up to her.

  1. Jim and Katie Check on Wendy
  2. Jim and Katie continue making future plans
  3. Katie has some plans of her own
  4. Jim has some plans of his own

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