Love Saved

Infinite AR - Episode 26336

While at the park, the four of them went on swings and played a little basketball for fun. Dani was trying to get Pete to notice her a little more as usual while George failed to even get Wendy's attention, she seemed to be putting her hand in her pocket a lot. "Could we play something else that might not involve me getting hit by a ball?" Wendy asked. "Yeah, let's p-p-p-p-play tag." George suggested. So they began to play tag. Though while the others were playing, Wendy was trying to put the pieces of her note back together when Dani bumped into her. "Sorry Wendy." Dani apologized as Wendy saw the wind carry her note. Wendy raced after it as it blew into the road, Wendy almost got it when a car came close to hitting her if it wasn't for George who pulled her back immediately . "George, you saved my life." Wendy said relieved. "It was n-n-n-nothing." George responded. Wendy then planted a kiss on George's mouth. "Thank you." Wendy said after pulling away from George's mouth. Dani and Pete then came up. "Wendy, oh my god, are you okay?" A concerned Dani asked. "I'm fine, George pulled me back and saved my life." Wendy replied. "Then she k-k-k-k-kissed me." George spoke up after a long silence. Wendy then pulled over to an Ice cream truck. "You are getting me an ice cream now hero." Wendy said as they left Dani and Pete alone. Dani then thought now was as good a time as any to tell Pete how she felt about him. "Pete?" "Yes." "I wanted to say something." "Well what is it?" "I...I...(whisper) love you." "Sorry, I didn't quite hear you." "I said I love you!" Dani yelled quickly covering her mouth. Pete didn't know what to say and just scratched his head for a minute. "Well do you want to be my girlfriend?" Pete asked. "What?" "Do you want to be my girlfriend, it seems only right." Pete's last few words were broken off as Dani jumped up and planted a big kiss on him. Wendy meanwhile had remembered her note and thought about getting it, but then decided to just let it drift off into the wind.

  1. Jim and Katie visit old friends with their device
  2. Wendy, Dani, George, and Pete continue their day
  3. Jim and Katie check on Wendy her and friends
  4. Jim and Katie go out for their anniversary

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