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Infinite AR - Episode 26305

Danielle accidentally used the device when it was pointed directly at Wendy turning her back into Danielle's best friend. "Dani? What just happened to me?" Wendy asked a little dazed and confused. "I'm not sure, one minute I'm looking at this thing and then the next you seem disoriented." Dani said. "Wait, was I 13 just a moment ago?" Wendy asked. Danielle thought for a second but since the device was now making reality change along with the age changing, Danielle was unsure. Wendy didn't know why but she suddenly remembered all the happy times she spent with her parents; how she and her mom went clothes shopping every year for the first day of school, when her dad snuck her into a movie she was too young to see, the memory that stood out the most to her though wasn't that long ago when they went on a road trip and how she enjoyed seeing the amazing sites with them. "Dani listen, I don't think I'll be at school tomorrow." Wendy said. "What? Why not?" "I don't know, I just don't really feel like it at the moment." Dani handed back the device to Wendy who took it home with her and when she entered the house again, she secretly set it back where she had gotten it from. Wendy then walked upstairs to her parents bedroom where they were lying in bed watching some classic movie on TV. "Hey mom, dad, can I ask you two something?" Wendy said as she entered the room. "Sure honey, was is it?" Katie asked. "Well, I don't really feel like going to school tomorrow." Wendy stated. "And why is that?" Jim asked curiously. "See I had been thinking that I've been spending a little too much time with my friends and not enough with you two, so what do you say?" Jim and Katie were shocked that their teenage daughter was suddenly so interested in spending time with them. "Oh sweetie, of course you can." Katie said as she and Jim got out of bed to hug her. "I'll call the school tomorrow and let them know you're not 'feeling well'." Jim said winking at Wendy. "Thanks dad." Wendy said as she left the room.

  1. Jim, Katie, and Wendy go to the park
  2. Jim, Katie, and Wendy go to the mall
  3. Jim, Katie, and Wendy go to a restaurant

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