Who is dating who?

Infinite AR - Episode 26304

Danielle examined the device. It was surely strange looking and not a TV remote or anything like that. She handed it back to Wendy.

13 year old Wendy, clearly less mature than the 17 year old Dani, was more curious than her friend. She aimed it at Dani and blasted away.

"Hey!" Dani complained in a voice that grew strangely higher as she spoke.

17, 16, 15, 14, 13...

"Wow, like you're the same age as me!" Wendy squealed.

"What? I'm... Uhhh... Of course I'm the same age as you" Dani finally answered as her mind shifted to the new reality.

"You don't know what just happened?" Wendy asked.

"What do you mean? What just happened?"

"You were older!"

Dani laughed "Older? Yeah, right!"

"No, I used this on you and you got younger. Look at your clothes. They're too big!"

"I, I... I must've grabbed some of my mom's stuff or something. You're weirding me out!"

Wendy had to think about this. Dani didn't seem to realize what had just happened. But Wendy knew? Maybe that's because I'm the one who had the remote? Maybe it's because Dani didn't know what to expect? She wasn't really sure but in the confusion she remembered the note and picked up the tattered pieces. "Hold on a minute" she told her friend.

Wendy went into the house and grabbed some tape. Then she put the device back before Jim and Katie discovered it gone. She started to tape the note together when she heard Dani yell for her.

"What is it?" she asked as she went back outside.

"Pete and George stopped by and wondered if we wanted to go hang out with them? What do you think?"

Wendy forgot about her project to tape the note back together and put the tape and pieces in her pocket.

Dani turned her back to the boys so she could plead with Wendy to agree.

"Where are we gonna hang?" she asked.

"I, I, I dunno... Mmmmmaybe the park?" George offered.

"Cool!" Dani said "I like the park!" she lied.

"I didn't know you liked the park?"

"Yes Wendy... I. Like. The. Park!". Again she contorted her face to show Wendy to not question her like this.

So the 4 took off walking for the local park. Dani immediately moved to walk beside Pete. To anyone except Pete it was clear she had a crush on him.

Wendy thought George was cute but she wasn't as boy crazy as Dani seemed to be.

  1. Jim and Katie discuss their plans
  2. Wendy and Dani grow more comfortable with their new partners
  3. Wendy remembers the project with the note and tapes it back together
  4. Katie decides to erase a few lines from her face.
  5. Jim decides to experiment with the remote

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