Infinite AR - Episode 26255

" hey guys where are Ben and Lily " Candy asked Trent and Katie then looked back in the living room seeing only two sets of clothes left on the floor " ok we need to search the house " said Katie " I will look upstairs " said Trent " I will look in th back yard " said Candy " I will stay down here and look " said Katie they all then split-up and search for the babies. Trent ran upstairs so he could search Lily's bedroom " Lily, Ben are you in here " said Trent, he searched in the closet under the sheets but Trent then heard a little wimper that came from under the bed Trent bent down and sow Ben hiding Trent then grabed him by the leg and pulled he out from under the bed and dangled him upside-down " stop please " Ben begged " no way this is to fun " said Trent.

  1. Candy finds Lily
  2. Katie finds Lily
  3. Lily gets away

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2/5/2013 6:31:42 AM

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