Cleaners or Suitors

Infinite AR - Episode 26239

Jim and Katie listened and curiously watched the situation going over at Miss Myra's house. They had both known Miss Myra for a full year now, she was a middle-aged black woman who was slightly overweight and who hadn't been able to find romance with anyone she met with. That must've been the reason why she wanted Pete and George to come over and clean the house, she just wanted to have some 'men' in there if only for a while. While Pete and George cleaned the outside of Miss Myra's porch, they talked with each other. "Can you believe this, the lady who all the guys at school talk about is having us clean her house for cash." Pete said ecstatically. "Yeah, some of the guys don't think she's that pretty." George said back. "That's crazy, just look at her." Pete said as he motioned towards the window where they could see her reading a book in the living room. She noticed them and waved and they did wave back. "Her hair is so smooth with that chocolate skin and that perfume she wears." Pete admired. "I know, I smell it every time she's near me, honeycomb perfume." George sighed. "We're just about done." Pete said to George. Once Jim and Katie saw that the two of them were finished they agreed this would be a good opportunity to give Miss Myra and the boys a little love life. Jim progressed Pete and George to 45 years-old, now they both had better built bodies and wore fancier clothes. "Another day, another chance at romance." Pete said to his friend. "Yes, sad to say that she'll choose me." George said confidently. "That's what you said when we fought over that Sarah woman." Pete said jokingly. Miss Myra opened her front door and invited the two of them inside. "Well it seems our friend Miss Myra, will have a time with those two." Jim said to Katie. "Yes but I wonder, do you think they're too old to try and date?" Katie asked.

  1. Yes (Jim and Katie make them younger)
  2. No (Jim and Katie leave them as they are)
  3. Maybe or Maybe not (They make George a child)
  4. Maybe or Maybe not (They make Pete a child)
  5. Make all 3 children

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