Mental Note, This is Wrong

Infinite AR - Episode 26232

Dani saw the note that was in her hand and had sort of forgot about it. She did remember that she was given it by a friend, but she didn't know or remember who. Danielle looked at the note in her hand and couldn't believe what she read. Jim and Katie, the parents of Wendy were actually siblings and that Wendy herself was actually their mother, or that Pete was the husband of Wendy and George was the grandfather, but probably the thing she didn't want to believe at all was that she was a grandmother. She then looked at little 13 year-old Wendy. "Wendy, sweetie, have you ever seen this note before?" Danielle asked. Wendy looked at the note and read it once but shook her head. "Nope, but that's stupid, my mommy and daddy love each other a lot, they wouldn't be brother and sister if they didn't." Wendy said. "Yeah, I suppose you're right, and besides, me a grandmother, please." Danielle said as she took the note and tore it into pieces. Danielle then noticed that Wendy had something in her pocket. "Wendy, what is that in your pocket?" Danielle asked. Wendy took it out and it was the age changing device, though they didn't know that. "I secretly took it from mommy and daddy when they weren't looking." Wendy said with a giggle. "I wonder what it does?" Danielle said inspecting it.

  1. Change Danielle
  2. Change Wendy
  3. Change Wendy and Danielle
  4. Jim and Katie see them with the device

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