Wendy's Week of Wisdom

Infinite AR - Episode 26230

Jim and Katie both agreed that 4 days was enough time for them to raise Wendy to be the daughter they wanted her to be. Monday-Jim and Katie sent her to a private school, where she learned much. When Wendy told Jim and Katie what she had learned and was excited to go back, they progressed her into 14 years old. Tuesday-While Jim and Katie had to stay late at their jobs, they asked Danielle to take Wendy horseback riding. After they got back home and gave Danielle her pay for watching Wendy, Wendy said she was interested in horse riding now, which seemed dangerous but she reassured them that she would take all the necessary precautions before riding. Before Wendy went to bed that night, Jim and Wendy progressed her to age 15. Wednesday- Danielle came over to show young Wendy the guitar she had gotten and she showed Wendy how to play it. To the surprise of Jim and Katie, Wendy seemed to be a natural at guitar playing. Her musical skills motivated them to progress her into a sweet 16 year-old. Thursday- Today was the deciding factor for Jim and Wendy, they would either keep her at 16 and let her age to 17 in a year or progress her that day. When Danielle had driven Wendy home from school, Danielle offered Wendy a cigarette to which Wendy refused. Then she said something that made Jim and Katie smile. "Dani listen, you've been my best friend for years, and I still want us to be best friends. But I've got to say this flat out: If you keep using these things more they'll kill you quicker than a car accident one day and then I won't have a best friend, so I'm asking you as your best friend, please stop smoking." Danielle looked at the cigarette in her hand and back to Wendy, she remembered that she began smoking so the older students at school would stop picking on her. Danielle threw the cigarettes in the nearby trash can outside Wendy's house and tearfully hugged her best friend. "I'm not going anywhere, I'm not going anywhere." Danielle tearfully said as she hugged Wendy and Wendy hugged back. "That's our girl." Katie said to Jim as he used the device to progress her back to 17 once again. Next door, Pete had come over to Miss Myra's house to do chores for her like she asked. Jim wondered if Miss Myra was lonely inviting young boys over to clean her house. Pete's friend George had also come along to try and make some money as well as see Miss Myra. "Hey dad, Dani and I are going to the library to do some research for some tests we have coming up, we'll see you later." Wendy said as both she and Dani left for the library. Jim told Katie about Pete and George over at Miss Myra's house and both decided to change the lives of them, but who to change..

  1. Change Pete
  2. Change George
  3. Change Miss Myra
  4. Change all 3
  5. Something Else

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