Love Rekindled

Infinite AR - Episode 26228

Looking at the people in the store, Jim kept his eyes and the dad that's forcing his daughter in wearing adult clothes. His guess is that this father must've lost his wife a long time ago and letting his daughter wear clothes because she resembles his wife. He could imagine how much heart broken the poor man is and wanted to do something about it. Looking at the daughter playing dress up, he came up with an idea and began working on the settings of his remote.

Not far from Jim, the man named Richard looked at his daughter, Tally, putting on clothes meant for older women. Richard was in his mid thirties and was working as a business consultant. He had on a business suit since he left for work to pick up his daughter, had black hair, and bright blue eyes. Tally was five years old and had bright red hair that was done up in two pigtails, silky smooth skin, and eyes just like her dad's. She was wearing a black skimpy dress with spaghetti straps on it and a split on the side to expose her left leg, wrinkled up pantyhose, and a pair of black four-inch heels. She even had a diamond necklace, earrings on her ears and makeup that looked messy on her. She looked at her father and started to protest. "Daddy, are we done here yet? I'm bored and hungry!" Richard looked at her daughter and said, "Almost done sweetie. Just need to take a look as one more thing." He then bent down to her level and began removing the pigtails on her head. Once he did that, the hair cascaded down to her upper back and looked wavy. He got up and smiled as his accomplishment. "There," he said in excitement, "Much better." Tally looked at her father and couldn't help but to feel embarrassed. But to Richard, there's a reason why she's wearing adult clothes.

Five years ago, his wife Clara was a very beautiful woman. They met in college and their friendship started to escalate to lovers. When Richard offered a hand in marriage at a sun set environment, she said yes and were married six months later. Then the next year, Clara became pregnant with Tally and the two were about to make a happy family together. But then at the day at the delivery, something unexpected happened. As Clara was pushing, she was having a huge headache and couldn't take the pain anymore. The second the baby popped out, she collapsed on the bed and never woke up. Tally was alive and healthy at the delivery, Clara died due to brain hemorrhage. That broke Richard's heart and now had no choice but to take care of Tally himself. By the time she was five, Richard notice that she looked like a stunning resemblance of her mother with the exception of her eyes. That's why every day when he picked Tally up from school he would go to the mall to try on some clothes that were way big on her, just to make her look like her mother. Richard does feel overly obsessive at that but he couldn't get the image of his wife out of his head.

Tally looked at the clothes and then looked at her father to ask, "Daddy, why are you making me wear these clothes? They look to big on me?" Richard looked down to her daughter and said, "Because I like to see what you look like when you grow up. Besides, you want to play dress up right?" "Yeah... But not like this!" she said feeling a little embarrassed, "And not in a mall filled with people!" Richard could tell that his lie was making her feel a little uncomfortable, so he bent down and placed his hand on her shoulder for assurance. "Listen sweetie," he started, "I know this is a little uncomfortable for you and I can imagine how hard it is. But I want you to be ready the moment you grow into a nice young woman, just like your mother. I'm sure in a few years; you will understand what being a woman is like. Just promise daddy that you won't be embarrassed anymore okay?" Tally looked up to her father and smiled saying, "Okay..." "That a good girl." Richard said, "Now come and give me a kiss." With that said, Richard scooped Tally up under her arms and got her to face level. When she was in at his face, they did something odd. The two pressed lips on each other and playfully kissed. It's another thing Richard did with his daughter ever since his wife died, that he kiss his daughter on the lips and pretend that he was kissing his wife. Some people look at that a find that strange, but let it slide because it was a father and daughter boding together.

But as they were kissing, Jim looked at the father and daughter and finds it to be intriguing. Having the father forcing the girl to dress in older women's clothing is one thing, but having her kiss him on the lips is another. He could even tell that Richard missed his wife so much that he would let his daughter pretend to be one. :Poor guy..." he said with sadness in his heart, "He's desperate to get his wife back and letting his daughter act like his wife seems like desperation. Maybe I can help him with that." Looking at his remote, he got all the setting together and nodded in approval. Jim then said, "I sure hope this works." He then pointed the remote to Richards's daughter and pushed the button, sending electrical wave to her. Tally felt the hit and it went away very quickly. Just as the two continued to kiss, Tally started to grow older.

It started with her height as she grew an extra foot. What's left of her baby fat then soon disappeared and she was thin as a twig. As her body was growing, so does her weight, as she was getting heavy for Richard to hold. But he still kept holding on as he kissed a little more. Tally though went from five to ten in ten seconds flat and there was no sign of it stopping.

By the time she reached thirteen, not only has her height increased a little but also more changes soon develop. Her chest started to feel sore as her nipples puffed out followed by the skin around it. Soon enough, she had a pair of mounds on her chest and they continued to expand. Her hips underneath her dress were to widen as the waist show signs of the beginning of an hourglass figure. Her face started the journey from girl to womanhood with her structure starting to become oval and her freckles fading. Tally now looked more like a preteen then a little child.

Tally then continued to grow through her teen years as her body matures into a young teen woman. Her breasts then expanded and turned into a pair of perky B cups. Her hips expanded more and made her waist curvy and tone. Her rear was then catching up as it plumped up and rounded to give her hips a much curvy field. The arms and legs started to tone up and muscle growth caught on to bone growth. Her face continued to mature as her nose grew longer, and face was smoother with no freckles what so ever. There were a few pimples here and there, but they too fade away in a matter of seconds. Tally now entered her sweet sixteen stage, as she was now a beautiful young woman. As she was growing older, something strange happened. It would seem that the father and daughter kissing was becoming all intament, as they seem to enjoy it more so then ever. And as the more Tally grew, the more passionate they've become.

She entered into her twenties and her body continued to develop well. Her breasts grew a little more until they were C or CC cups. Her waist now had a completely curvy hourglass figure as her hips were really flaring. Her rear was big and round as it formed into a heart shape as the muscles on her arms and legs toned up and gave her a womanly build. All these attributes made the dress she wore fit like a glove then let it hang on her younger frame. She was even in her exact height as her heels, which now fit her feet, landed gently on the floor, making her size even with her father. In fact Richard didn't need to hold her as he moved his hands down her back and held on to her back. Her face now had that of a woman then that of a little girl. Her skull now had an oval shape, her nose was long and thin, Her ears were small, and her skin was smooth as silk. Even her hair grew along with her and gave it a shiny sheen to her locks. Now Tally looked like she was twenty-five and on the verge of graduating college.

As she kept on aging, both Richard's and Tally's kiss was getting more deep then ever. They felt like they need each other now more then ever and are getting deeper each passing moment. They even went into a tongue kissing and shared each other's saliva. What really is happening is that Tally's and Richard's minds were changing as well. Jim wanted to make sure that their lives would change too or they would freak out. So he set it so that the two were an actual couple then a father and daughter. Their minds, relationships, and reality altered to match Tally's age.

As soon as the changes started, they immediately stopped. Now the sweet little five-year-old girl was now a buxom woman at 32 years of age. Her breasts were almost D cups showing off some cleavage on the top of her dress. Her hourglass figure was curvy and sexy, filling her dress up nicely. Her face was as beautiful as the sunshine and her hair was long and radiant as it went down to her lower back. Suddenly a wedding ring appeared on her finger and was shining brightly. It was obvious that Tally went from being the daughter to a lovely wife for Richard.

The two shared their passionate kiss for a few minutes before separating and looking into each other in their gleeful eyes. "I love you Richard." Tally said in a loving voice. "And I love you too Tally." Richard responded to his now wife, "Now let's go to dinner. I have reservations for that really nice restaurant you like to go to." Tally nodded as the two left the department store. Jim looked at the loving moment and was amazed by how they changed. At least now they are in love like him and his wife. Jim then wondered what to do next.

  1. Target the Boy and his Mother
  2. Change the Woman Buying Barbies
  3. Give the Remote a Break and Went Back to Work
  4. Turn Attention Over to Richard and Tally
  5. SE

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