Jim at the Job

Infinite AR - Episode 26199

Jim worked an average store that sold practically everything you could think of. He took his device that day to assist some of his regular customers that he noticed everyday when he went in there. There were a little boy and his mother who always went by the video section, the little boy wanted to watch scary movies that were too old for him and frightened his mother. Then there was the woman who felt sort of embarrassed going to the barbie section to get the dolls for herself. One of them was particularly strange, there was a father who got his daughter to dress in clothes that were too big for her, from the look of things, she seemed to remind him of someone special to him that he lost, his deceased wife maybe. After a while of thought, he used the device on...

  1. The Boy and his Mother
  2. The Woman in the Barbie aisle
  3. The Father and Daughter
  4. Someone Else

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2/2/2013 8:26:32 AM

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