George + Wendy, Pete + Dani

Infinite AR - Episode 26189

"You know, while I liked the work Pete did for us, I think it would be better if he was a little older and had some help." Katie said to her husband, Jim. "You've got a good point. Although I'm not sure how I'd feel if one of them wanted to date Wendy." Jim said. "Oh, come on, you know you were like that when we were dating." Katie remarked. "I was?" Jim asked seeming unsure of Katie's reminiscing. "Sure, my father wasn't sure if you were right for me or not. Then when you were riding your bicycle one day, you came across me and my family in a car accident and managed to get me and my parents out before the car caught fire." Katie told him. Memories of the event suddenly flowed into Jim's mind, while he did remember it, it didn't almost seem like a real memory. Jim then took out his device and aimed it and George and Pete increasing their age to around 19 years old. Their facial features improved as well as their body muscles. When it was over, the two of them finished their meals and went over to talk to Wendy and Dani. "Hey Wendy, those earrings you've got really bring out your eyes." George complimented making Wendy giggle. "Dani, I really like your outfit, it matches your hair." Dani just blushed not sure of what to say. "So anyway, Wendy, would it be possible for me and Pete to come over to your house again to do some work?" Pete asked Wendy. "Only if my dad's cool with it." Wendy said noticing Jim and Katie at a nearby table and Jim nodding. "Yeah, I'd say he's alright with it." "Great, so do you two want to catch that new movie with us." George asked them. "You bet!" Wendy and Dani both said grasping George and Pete's arms. Jim and Katie watched the four of them leave and continue talking. "See how that all works out? Wendy and Dani both have a little romance going and we get to have a couple of guys do more work in and around our house." Katie duly noted. "Yeah, well anyway, since we're done eating let's see if we can find anyone else to use my device on." Jim said to Katie as the two of them left the food court and browsed the mall and saw many options. A man alone with his daughter who looked to be in elementary school. A heavy set woman being snickered at by some college girls. A lost little girl unsure of where her parents were. A bickering elderly couple.

  1. Change the man and daughter
  2. Change the heavy set woman
  3. Change the college girls
  4. Change the lost girl
  5. Change the bickering old couple

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