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Infinite AR: Ten Years Older, Ten Years More Mature [Episode 26187]

Ten Years Older, Ten Years More Mature

Infinite AR - Episode 26187

Katie used the device to make Jim 10 more years older changing him from 38 to 48. A while ago, Jim was almost joyfully using the device to change older women into younger women or girls, now the only woman Jim could think of was Katie, his gorgeous wife, she may have been 10 years younger than him but he didn't care, she was his world. "Come with me, now." Jim almost demanded. Katie was swept up from her chair and Jim pulled her over to the mall's fountain. "Remember this spot?" Jim asked her with a smirk. "Of course, this is where you proposed to me." Katie smiled. "Yeah, the happiest moment of my life, and you still look lovelier than either other woman at this mall." Jim and Katie then locked lips right on the fountain. "Okay, gross." Jim and Katie looked up to see Wendy and Dani looking at them. Jim then looked at his watch and the saw the time. "Almost time for dinner, babe, we should be getting home." Jim said to Katie. "Right, I'm cooking my famous pasta." Katie said. "Great, let me know how it turns out." Wendy said as she began to leave with Danielle. "Not so fast, young lady, you're to come straight home now, as I recall, you both have school tomorrow." Katie scolded. "But mom..." "Don't you 'but mom' me young lady." Katie said. Wendy groaned but agreed and headed out the door with Danielle. Jim and Katie managed to catch up with them before they got into Wendy's car. "Okay, listen, just for tonight, you can have Danielle over for a sleepover." Jim said. "Really?" Wendy asked happily. "Yes, but remember to go to school on time tomorrow morning." Katie added. "Will do, thanks mom, thanks dad." Wendy said as both she and Danielle drove to Wendy's house. Jim looked up to see a full moon above them as the girls left. "Hey look, it's our lucky night." Jim said pointing up. "A full moon!" Katie said excitedly. "Just like on our honeymoon." The two of them then kissed each other on the lips before they both got to their car. Katie then felt something in her pocket and took it out. Katie couldn't read any of the writing on it and decided to throw it away. What she didn't know or remember is what the ages they all were really supposed to be. After they left the mall, the headed home where Wendy and Danielle were already inside listening to music in Wendy's bedroom. The next morning....

  1. Jim takes the device to his job
  2. Katie takes the device to her job
  3. Pete goes over to Miss Myra's house for a "job"
  4. Pete and George go over to Miss Myra's house for a "job"
  5. Wendy and Danielle have fun

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