Trouble at the Mall

Infinite AR - Episode 26174

Jim decided that the young mother with the twin toddlers was having trouble keeping up with them. "She looks worn out" he pointed out to Katie.

"What are you going to do?" she asked.

"Nothing... much..." And with that Jim laughed and aimed the remote at the mother. Down in age she went. From young mother to college co-ed. From college freshmen to high school senior. Backward through her teens and into her tweens she went. Backwards thru puberty and into childhood. Smaller and smaller she went. By the time Jim released the button the former young woman had been reduced to a toddler about the same age as her twin boys.

She was engulfed in a pile of oversized clothes but Jim soon used the device to change that. The material began to move and morph until the little girl was dressed appropriately for her age.

"Jim! What have you done?"

"She was having trouble keeping up with those two. Now she shouldn't have any trouble keeping up at all!"

"What would you think if someone was to do that to our daughter??" Katie asked.

"Daughter?" Jim answered.

"Yes... Our daughter... Wendy! You know, our petite little teenaged terror?"

Jim looked around nervously. Something wasn't right but he couldn't put his finger on it. Of course he remembered Wendy. How could he forget? She used to be daddy's little angel but the past few years she'd really grown into a handful.

"Honestly, if someone was to do that to Wendy I think I'd be happy to have our little girl back."

"Yeah, I guess I never thought about it that way" Katie replied "Still, I don't know if it's right messing with people's ages. What if there's side effects?"

"There are no side effects"

"Just the same, you better not use it on us. Now, what about that little girl mother and her twin sons, or brothers, or whatever they are now? Are you just going to leave them like that by themselves?"

"Look at them playing. They aren't hurting anyone. They're just innocent little children having a good time" Jim told her. "Besides, we're watching them"

Meanwhile Pete and George were spying on Wendy and Dani.

"They're really hot" Pete told George "Like supermodels or something. Which one do you think is hotter?"

George thought about it a moment "I think Wendy is pretty"

"You think she's the prettiest?" Pete replied.

"Yeah, I mean neither is ugly or nothin' but I kinda think Wendy is cutest. What do you think?".

"Hmmm I kinda think Dani's the hottest. But I wouldn't turn either one down!" Pete answered.

"It doesn't matter anyway, they think we're both dweebs. They like older guys." George explained.

"It's not like they are that much older than us!"

"I wonder if they were that hot when they were our age?"

"I dunno. I wonder if they'd still think we were dweebs if we were their age?"

Their conversation was interrupted by a little girl and two little boys running into them as they played in the mall.

"Hey whatchit!" Pete complained.

- Jim surveyed the mall and noted a young couple walking hand in hand in the mall. He figured they were in the mid 20's. What could it hurt to knock a couple of years off he figured? Soon, they looked to be in their early 20's. Both just a little more fresh-faced and there seemed to be just a little more sparkle in their eyes. "Young love" Jim thought as he looked at them.

Next he saw an elderly woman pushing a cart. He figured her for 65 or maybe even 70. He aimed his age device at her and watched as she youthened. He pace improved and she clearly seemed to be strengthening. Her posture improved. Her hair started to darken. Jim had planned to youthen her only a little like he just had with the young couple. But stopping the process with her in her 50's didn't seem right considering the power he had to do more. On the other hand, he had no idea about her life and how suddenly being too much younger could affect her home life and family. He stopped the process leaving her a much youthened, raven haired beauty of 35 years of age.

Next he saw a teenage girl and her mother. The mother looked to be complaining about the girl's choice of clothing. He could hear her complaining that it wasn't appropriate for a girl of her age to dress like that. The mother didn't appear to be that old herself. Not too much past 30. Much too young to be so uptight Jim figured. So he zapped 12 years off the mother. She could pass for the teen's older sister now Jim thought. Maybe a couple more years for good measure he decided and took 2 more years off the mother. Then he hit the clothing button and watched as the youthened mother's wardrobe changed. She was wearing a sundress and it immediately began to change. It grew skimpier and the hem began to raise. Her flats became sandals. The dress then began to separate with the bottom becoming a short denim skirt. The top changed into a bikini top with just a sheer, open shirt for a bit of a coverup. As Jim continued pressing the button the skirt grew shorter. By the time he released the button the mother, barely past college age, if that, was dressed about the same as the teen. Now their conversation changed to talking about how cute each other's outfits were. Jim then looked back across the table to see Katie staring at him.

"And just what do you think you're doing???" she said with a glare.

"Just testing..."

"Are you some kind of a pervert?? I saw you changing that poor girl's nice outfit into something more suited for the beach, or a stripper's pole! I think that's quite enough of your... testing!"

"Anyway, I've got an idea" Katie said.

  1. You need to be 10 years older to cool your overactive jets
  2. Let's get our little angel back. Let's make Wendy younger
  3. Pete and George could do more work for us if they were older
  4. I feel sorry for that old man staring at the college girls. Go ahead and make him younger
  5. Let me see your device

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