Still Remember

Infinite AR - Episode 26167

"Remember that we're both siblings, Wendy is our mom who thinks she's our daughter, she's also best friends with our now younger grandmother. Our dad is a neighbor boy in middle school along with our grandfather." Jim said aloud to himself and Katie. Katie got out a piece of paper and pen from her purse, which had been her mom's just this morning and wrote down what Jim had just said. "I'm going to keep this close to me so we don't forget our real identities." Katie stated putting the note in her pocket. Looking around the mall, the two of them observed some people they could use the device on. There was a mother with twin toddler boys who looked exhausted, an elderly man who was secretly watching some college girls, and a woman who looked at some elementary children envious of their youth.

  1. Change the mother and twin boys
  2. Change the elderly man
  3. Change the woman into an elementary school girl
  4. Change a friend who walks by

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1/31/2013 5:08:58 PM

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