Mind the Memories

Infinite AR - Episode 26141

After Jim and Katie got their food and sat down to eat, they began talking with each other about the day. "I'm really impressed with the job that Pete boy did." Jim said. "You mean the job that dad did in his regressed form." Katie corrected. "Yeah, isn't that what I said?" "Jim, I think your device may have a bad side effect." "What? Don't be ridiculous, my device is flawless." "Even so, we have to remember that Pete is our dad, George is our grandfather, Wendy is our daughter and Danielle is her best friend." Katie said. "Wait, isn't Wendy our mother and Danielle our grandmother?" Jim asked. "That can't be, I remember giving birth to her and I remember I found out about being pregnant with her not long after our honeymoon." Katie defended. "Katie, listen, I think you were right, just this morning we were siblings and our parents were our parents as well as our grandparents being the same. Now our mom is our teenage daughter who's disgusted by our middle school dad along with his best friend, our grandfather, as well as our grandma being her best friend." Jim tried to explain. "Right, but that can't be right, because...because...Jim, I think we may be forgetting who we really are." Katie said as she held her hands on her head. "We just have to remember that...remember that..."

  1. You were right honey, everything is fine (Both remember the age device)
  2. We changed our ages, our parents, and our grandparents

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1/31/2013 9:45:14 AM

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