Mall Meet

Infinite AR - Episode 26135

Jim and Katie used their dad's old van to head over to the mall and see what their younger parents and grandparents were doing at the mall. When they arrived there, they first checked the food court and surprisingly found all four of them there, not sitting together obviously. "What are you guys doing here?" Wendy asked sounding embarrassed about them being here. "Well your father and I wanted to go see if we could find that Pete boy and give him a card that Miss Myra wanted us to give him." Katie explained. Wendy's memories of Myra first were of a little child, then they changed to be a woman who'd been living next door to them for almost a year. "Oh right, well Dani and I noticed the dweebs sitting over there near that Chinese place." Wendy said pointing to the area she was referring to. Jim and Katie then proceeded over to Pete and George's table. Pete looked up surprised to see Jim and Katie. "Uh, hello sir, did I do something wrong at your house?" Pete asked worriedly. "Oh no, nothing like that Pete. My wife and I happened to be taking a walk when our neighbor Miss Myra gave us a card with her phone number on it and wanted it to be given to you." Jim explained handing Pete the card. "Wow, thank you sir, thank you." Pete said excitedly. Jim and Katie both then left and went to get some food. "Did he s-s-s-say that Miss M-M-Myra gave him that card for y-y-you?" George asked in his usual stutter. "Yeah, why, what's so odd about that?" Pete asked his friend. "Didn't you h-h-hear about h-h-h-her?" Pete just shook his head. "Some of they g-g-g-guys at school say she b-b-brings boys our age into her h-h-h-house and after they're done cleaning, she m-m-makes out with them." George explained. Pete looked at the card with a smile. "George, this is great, not only am I going to get paid for a good job, but I'm going to get kissed by the hottest woman on my block tomorrow." Pete said excitedly. Wendy and Danielle had been watching them and were curious what they were talking about. "Wendy, your mom said Miss Myra wanted the dweeb to 'come over' to her house." Danielle realized. "Oh my god, that woman actually wants to make out with that dweeb?" Wendy said. Wendy and Danielle then held back from barfing in their own mouths as they then decided to leave the food court.

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  2. Follow Pete and George at the Mall
  3. Follow Wendy and Danielle at the mall

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