Miss Myra, the Neighbor Woman

Infinite AR - Episode 26126

Jim and Katie progressed little Myra from a cute little 6 year old girl into a 40 year-old woman who looked a little heavy. Her hair, which had blonde highlights went down past her ears. The pink shirt she had been wearing stretched out to fit her more and now it said 'CUTIE' on it and a black jacket appeared on her. Finally she had a red flat cap on her head. "Hello there Jim, Katie, taking a romantic stroll for the evening?" The older Myra now asked. "Well, uh, yes, that is, I mean we're.." Jim tried to answer but couldn't come up with anything. Katie didn't say anything either, although Myra did catch her blush. "So listen, that young man I saw leave a while ago, he did the yard work, right?" Myra asked. "He most certainly did and my Jim gave him a good amount for all his effort." Katie answered. 'My Jim?' Jim thought in his head wondering if Katie had said that to keep up their charade, or if Katie was starting to forget who they all really were. "Well the inside of my house, certainly needs some work done. You tell that handsome man that Miss Myra would just love to have him over." Myra said as she handed them her phone number to give to Pete and went back inside her house. "I think we should check on them, just to be sure how they're doing." Jim suggested. "Jim, Wendy-I mean mom can take care of herself, plus I think the four of them will be fine." Katie said trying to calm Jim down. "Let's just go check on them anyway." Jim said as they went to the mall where the four of them would most likely be at. They decided to check on...

  1. Wendy and Danielle (who were trying on clothes)
  2. Pete and George (who were looking at video games)
  3. All four of them (they were all in the food court)

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1/30/2013 3:45:07 PM

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