Angelina Plays House

Infinite AR - Episode 26120

Angelina looked around at her surroundings with curiosity and awe. "This is a big play house." She said. She then spotted her adult clothes from the closet. "Oh, I'll play dress up. Since mommy and daddy aren't around." Angelina then took a different set of clothes and looked at herself in the mirror after she finished putting each of the clothes or dresses on herself. From the bedroom window, she could also see the sandbox that her daughter would typically play in and ran immediately outside to go play in it. Angelina took all the tools that were in the sandbox and began building a sandcastle, Jim couldn't help but giggle at this as he watched Angelina play. He then got a little worried when he noticed...

  1. Angelina's 5 year old daughter coming home from school.
  2. Angelina's husband coming home from work.
  3. His mother going over to visit Angelina.

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3/13/2013 4:14:37 PM

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