An Age-Appropriate Mother (and Father)

Infinite AR - Episode 26065

"Okay, while they're in the pool and Pete is finishing up the yard work, let's go inside to talk." Jim suggested as Katie followed him in the house. "I thought it'd be better for us to change our ages in here so no one would notice." "What do you mean? Pete, Wendy, and Danielle, seem to think the ages we are seem fine." Katie said. "Yeah but if you do the math, you would've had Wendy at age 4." Katie nearly puked in her mouth after that. "Okay point taken, make me at least 35 then, that would mean I had Wendy at 18." Katie said. Jim agreed and used the ray on Katie and progressed her from 21 to 35 in what seemed like seconds. Katie's clothes changed somewhat too, she now had nothing on that was in any way revealing. Her hair became a little bit shorter now and out of the blue, a wedding ring appeared on her hand as did Jim's. "That's more like it. Now let me do you." Katie said holding out her hand for the device. Jim thought it'd be best to if he was seen with an older woman would arouse suspicion. Katie used the device and made Jim at least 38 years old so there some age difference. Like Katie, his clothes also changed to match his age, and he wore something that you'd see someone wear to an office. "There all done." Katie said as she stopped using the device. "Great, let's check on Wendy and her friend." Jim said. "You do mean, mom and grandma, right?" Katie asked. Jim stopped for a minute and thought then realized what he'd said. "Yes, yes, mom and grandma. Why did I call her by her first name?" Jim asked Katie. "You don't think we could be forgetting what reality is supposed to be like do you?" Katie asked a little worried. "No, no, we just have to keep telling ourselves who we're each supposed to be; Wendy is mom, Danielle is grandma, and Pete is our dad." Jim said. "Right, now why don't we..."

  1. See How "Pete" is doing with his work
  2. Join "Wendy" and "Danielle" out back for some pool fun
  3. Jim and Katie's friends suddenly visit
  4. Their Grandfather (Wendy's Dad) shows up & they make him "Wendy" and "Danielle's" age
  5. Their Grandfather (Wendy's Dad) shows up & they make him "Pete's" age

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