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Infinite AR - Episode 26064

While Wendy and her "best friend" Dani were in the backyard pool, Pete was still doing the yard work for Jim.

"Can you believe our dad actually believes he's a neighbor boy working on our yard?" Jim asked Katie while Katie herself just glared at Jim.

"What?" Jim asked.

"Inside. Now." Katie replied in a serious tone.

"What's wrong with you?" Jim asked.

"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you? I didn't mind changing mom into a teenager and I was perfectly fine with changing dad into a younger middle school guy. And sure I was okay with making our own grandmother younger but you practically made her naked." Katie berated Jim.

"Hey, I'm only human." Jim replied.

"And clearly someone who hasn't grown up yet." Katie said as she took the age device out of Jim's hands and pointed it at him.

"Wait a minute what are you doing?" Jim asked a little worried.

"Don't you worry, I'm just making it so there's a responsible man in the house." Katie said as she fired the age device at Jim and progressed him in age. When Katie finished, Jim was now a 38 year-old man with a few slight changes on him including a wedding ring showing up on one finger.

Katie then pointed the device at herself and made herself 36 years-old so she wouldn't be too young to have gotten married or too young to have had a daughter and a wedding ring also appeared on her finger.

"There, now how do you feel about what you did?" Katie asked.

"Well I feel sort of stupid, that was really juvenile of me. I'm sorry honey-I mean Katie." Jim apologized.

"It's alright Jim, but listen how about I hold the age device for a while, what do you say?" Katie asked.

"Sounds good, I'll check on Pete and you check on Wendy and Dani." Jim said as he was about to go out the back door as was Katie.

"I'm pretty sure you mean, dad, mom, and grandma right?" Katie asked a little worried.

"Oh, right. Sorry, don't have a clue why I said that." Jim said.

So Jim and Katie both headed out back to chat with Pete, Wendy, and Dani.

Although both of them weren't aware that the age device had a side effect. If you were in a certain age for long enough, you would believe you really were that age.

  1. Jim talks with Pete about girls
  2. Katie talks to Wendy and Dani
  3. Jim and Katie's grandfather shows up
  4. A friend of theirs shows up
  5. A friend of their parents shows sup

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