Another Teen

Infinite AR - Episode 26038

"Let's make her a teenager too" Jim suggested

"Yeah, it will be kinda cool to see how different they act with both of them being 17" Katie agreed.

Pete was too busy with his yardwork to notice what was happening on the porch. "Be right back, grams!" Wendy said as she headed to the kitchen for a drink refill.

"This is our chance!" Katie whispered

Jim was already ahead of her. Danielle was taking a trip backwards in age. 50... 40... 30... 25... 23... 21....




Jim tapped the button for clothing and Danielle's now oversized and dowdy clothing began to change. Her slacks turned into denim jeans and then faded. Her blouse went from a conservative button up into a brightly colored T and then slowly morphed into a tank top. Meanwhile, her faded jeans continued changing as Jim pressed the button. They began to grow shorter, moving higher up her calves and continuing to get more faded. A few holes began to appear in them. Her shoes were changing as well. Starting from a conservative pair of flats they morphed into white Keds tennis shoes. The tank top was now just long enough that it threatened to show a peek of her belly button if she moved just right. The faded jeans crept above her knees. The tennis shoes became untied red Converse All stars.

Jim continued pressing the button.

The knee length, cropped, ragged jeans began morphing into faded denim cutoffs. The longer Jim pressed the button the shorter they grew. The Converse All Stars morphed into flip flops as the pockets of the jeans began to peek out from the denim of the ever shorter cutoffs. The tank top was now short enough to be declared a crop top.

"That's enough!" Katie ordered "She's going to be naked if this keeps up"

"It's OK" Jim answered "She's 17, not 70!"

Jim kept pressing the button. The tank top began quickly morphing into something else as it grew shorter. The ragged, cutoff jeans began morphing into something else as well. Everything was still growing ever shorter and revealing more flesh.

"Jim! Wendy is going to be back soon!"

"Chill!" he replied and continued allowing the remote to do its work.

It was now clear the tank top was morphing into a bikini top revealing more and more stomach as it went. The thick denim material of her shorts was changing as well. Every moment Jim pressed the button more flesh was showing. Her flip flops finally disappeared entirely leaving her barefoot.

"Jim! Stop! She's going to be naked!!!"

Jim didn't listen.

He continued on. He didn't stop until Danielle was standing in front of them wearing only a two piece skimpy swimsuit.

"Wha... What happened?" Danielle asked, obviously very confused.

"You tell us" Jim replied as he noted the changes in the former middleaged woman.

About then, Wendy returned. "Grams.... errrr... Danielle... errrrr Dani?"

"I thought we could lay out or something today" Dani replied "It was just so boring at home"

"Wow... that's a cute suit!" Wendy answered "I'm glad you came over. I was getting sooooo bored here by myself!"

"Hey! What about us? We're here!" Katie said.

"You guys are like sooooo OLD!" Wendy answered with a laugh. Dani snickered too.

"What are you looking at, Dweeb?!" Wendy yelled to Pete who'd stopped his yardwork to stare at the two teens.

"Huh? Oh... I was just... taking a break"

Wendy rolled her eyes at him. "C'mon, I'll race you to the pool!" she told Dani

"Cool... It's like their minds just changed to a new reality to explain the changes" Jim said.

"We have to be careful with that remote, ray gun, or whatever you call it. It could be dangerous if used wrong. At some point we need to get things back to normal... and we need to be careful so we don't forget what normal is!" Katie said.

"Wow your dad is like such a perv! When you were inside he was just standing there checking me out. And your mom was right there too. She HAD to notice!" Dani told Wendy.

"I don't know but what I do know is the dweeb has decided to work in the back all of sudden. I think he's a horny little dweeb!" Wendy said.

"So what is the remote control looking thing your dad carrying around?" Dani asked

"Hmmmm... I'm not sure?"

  1. The girls put on a show for Pete
  2. Katie takes the gun from Jim because she doesn't trust him
  3. Jim decides to make Katie older
  4. Jim invites his friend over to experiment with the ray gun
  5. Pete gets the ray gun

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