Decided to head back home

Infinite AR - Episode 2586

Jim decided the whole rescue business wasn't for him. He decided to go back home. When he got home, he saw that hisfamily was home. When he went into the house, he headed upstairs, and went to his bedroom. After opening his door, he saw his sister sitting on his bed. This was his 16 year old sister named Sarah, and was she was very cute. She had shoulder length hair pulled back into a pony tail, green eyes, and C-cup breasts. She also stood about 5'2", and weighed 115 pounds. She was wearing white socks, and a blue jean skirt, and a pink t-shirt. She then spoke up and said...

  1. "Sit next to me."
  2. "Where have you been, bad baby?"
  3. "My milk is ready for you."
  4. "Will you change me?"
  5. "Why are you wearing such boyish clothes?"

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3/3/2007 9:25:54 PM

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