Ran into the Van with the little girl inside

Infinite AR - Episode 2584

Jim ran into the van and saw the little girl sitting inside. Jim was wearing his cargo pocket jeans, sneakers, t-shirt, and hoodie. He was also carrying a backpack, that didn't have much in it. He hurried into the van, and saw lots of wands, potions, a book, scrolls, and the girl. He three the book, five wands, five potions, and five scrolls into the backpack. Then once he had that stuff in it, he zipped it up and three it on his back, and then picked up the little girl. With the girl, and the backpack, he rand all the way back to his house. He and the little girl were the only ones home when he got there. So, he decided to take the girl up to his room, and set her on his bed. He then opened the backpack , and...

  1. He pulled out a potion
  2. He pulled out a wand
  3. He pulled out a scroll
  4. He pulled the book out
  5. the girl says, "I have a magical ability."

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3/4/2007 1:01:37 PM

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