Jim gets close a personal with the diaper pail

Infinite AR - Episode 25742

"5 minutes in the diaper pail", Chrissie said.
Her girlfriends all laughing one of them said, "How do we play?"
Chrissie smiled and said, "Oh its easy we take this little crap and dunk him in his dirty diaper full of crap."
One of her friends said, "Sound like fun but then wont we have to wash him."
Chrissie said, "We could always hose the baby off."
They all laughed Chrissie carried her brother to the nursery where there was a diaper pail
One of friends said, "Let me get the lid."
She removed the lid and they all saw tons of diapers.
Chrissie looked at her brother and then at her friends and said, "So head or feet first."
Her friends all said, "Head."
Chrissie nodded and turned her brother upside down and plunged him. Jim was sick he could feel some of the diapers open. Chrissie plundged her brother up and down until he was all brown. Then she pulled him out and turned him around and dropped him in. Jim tried to get out but his arms would let him.
Chrissie said, "Now you must stay in there for five minutes."
After five minutes

  1. Jim is put in a container with his dirty diapers for a 2 weeks
  2. Jim gets hosed in a garbage bin
  3. Jim gets a crap shower
  4. SE
  5. Die diaper boy!

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