unborn again

Infinite AR - Episode 25706

She got up and examined her belly. "What the hell happened!?" She screamed. She noticed it was getting smaller and smaller until she was skinny again. She was speechless. Jim was now completely unborn. Then she began to feel a tingling sensation throughout her whole body. She raised her hands in front of her face and noticed that they were smaller then she remembered. She took a step and her pants felt much looser than they were a minute ago. "No no no!" She yelled as she started to run, causing her to trip over her oversized pants. She continued to run, losing her panties in the process. She made it to the bathroom and stared into the full-size mirror. She screamed in horror as she stared into the mirror, seeing an 8 year old version of herself wearing nothing. Then she involuntarily started to do the potty dance. she plopped herself on the toilet, relieving herself as she watched herself shrink. She hopped off of the toilet and ran to the front door. She was now 3. she tried to grab the doorknob, but she was too short for it. She panicked and ran to her huge pants, grabbing her cellphone out of her pocket. She fell on her butt, unable to walk anymore, as she called her mom. "Hi kati, what do you want? I'm in a meeting right now." Said her mom. Kati tried to ask for help, but all that came out was baby babble. "Hellooo... kati, are you there?" She asked as kati dropped the phone. Kati began to cry as she flailed on the floor. She was now passing 3- months old. "I gotta go kati, call me back later when you actually want to talk." She said as she hung up. Kati stopped crying and curled up into the fetal position as she shrunk into nothingness.

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1/20/2013 8:40:56 PM

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