A game of punishment

Infinite AR - Episode 25622

Chrissie grabbed Jim and held him by his ankles upside down. Jim was beyond embarrassment at this point, here he was a teenager stuck inside a toddler body being hung upside down completely naked in front of 2 pretty girls.

"Hmmm what should we do with the little pervert" Chrissie said as she spread Jim's legs apart. The others girls were thinking as well, along with tickling Jim's baby penis.

"I got it" one of the girls said "Let's play a game with him". "That's a great idea" Chrissie said as she brought Jim to her face "And I know exactly what were gonna play". "Let's play"

  1. "What's inside my diaper"
  2. "5 minutes in the diaper pail"
  3. "Who can spank the baby the hardest and the longest"
  4. "Up the baby's butt"
  5. "Doggie fun time"

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1/20/2013 1:33:43 AM

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