To Her New Daughter's House She Comes

Infinite AR - Episode 25620

An hour had already gone by when Wendy's mother, Danielle, came on a whim to visit her daughter and instead found a young man she didn't recognize mowing the lawn while a 17 year-old girl was sitting on the porch sipping some Coke as she watched the young man work. "Excuse me, you look familiar, do I know you?" Danielle asked. "Grandma, we've been over this, I'm Wendy, remember?" Wendy replied. "Wendy?! How did you get so young?" "I just grew up this way." Wendy answered. "But you can't be this old? Aren't you supposed to be my daughter?" "Ew no, what is with you today? Katie is your daughter, you know, my mom and she's your daughter." Danielle was about to deny it when new memories suddenly flowed into her mind of Katie as her daughter that she had raised instead of Wendy. "Oh yes, you're right. How on earth could I have made that mistake?" Danielle asked rhetorically. "So that's the boy who's doing yard work for an after school job?" Danielle asked pointing to Pete. "Yep, that's the dweeb." Wendy answered. "Don't you think he's kinda cute?" Danielle asked. "Yuck, no, he's a middle school boy and I'm a junior at high school." "I suppose you're right. So when do you expect your parents back?" "Should be in a few hours." "Well then, it looks like we've got time to play 'commanding officer' to our little cadet here." Danielle said with a smirk. "Grandma, sometimes you can be a little cruel...and that's why you're the best grandma." Wendy said as she handed her grandma some tea. "Peter! Start raking the leaves!" Wendy ordered. "Yes ma'am!" Pete answered as he ran to the shed to get a rake. "Oh, and Peter, don't forget to sweep the leaves off the driveway. My son in-law doesn't like leaves in the driveway!" Danielle added. "Yes ma'am, no leaves in the driveway, will do." Pete said as he began raking. As the hours went by, Jim and Katie finally arrived back and saw their grandma on the porch with Wendy while Pete was finishing with the yard work. "Welcome back you two. Wendy and I have been telling Peter over there all he has to do." Danielle said. "Oh well, thanks for the moral support mom." Katie said. Wendy and Danielle went over to watch Pete finish up his work with their backs turned away from Jim and Katie. "I didn't know she was coming over." Jim said. "Neither did I, but she didn't seem worried." Katie noticed. "Yeah, it seems she thinks you're her daughter and I'm her son in-law." "So what should she do about her?" Katie asked. "Why don't we..."

  1. Leave her this way
  2. Make her the same age you are now (so you're both sisters)
  3. Make her Wendy's age (so they're best friends)
  4. Make her Pete's age (so she can be his girlfriend)
  5. Make Pete her age (she's always wanted a new husband)

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