Jim punishes his sister

Infinite AR - Episode 25580

"Do you remember when you sprayed me with the water gun and made it look like I wet my pants?" Jim asked Kati. "Yes, but what does that have to do with now?" Kati asked Jim walked into his closet and came back with a box. "Well I thought about how I would get back at you, and had this lovely idea for the age-gun you so fantastically pointed at yourself." Jim smirked. "I thought you'd like to know what it was like to have soggy pants, and have everyone treat you like a baby." "Jim please don't... That was so long ago." "I think you were about four years old when it happened, and looking at you now, I don't think it was so long ago after all." Jim mused. Jim dialed the settings around on the ray gun and started to point it at Kati. "What are you doing?" Kati asked with worry. The ray gun's light went off and Kati stood there just as she was before... "Ha, looks like it didn't work." She laughed. "Didn't it?" Jim looked down at his sister's pants as they begin to darken in a circle around her crotch. "Looks like someone might be needing one of these diapers." Jim pulled some diapers out of the box he got.

  1. Jim diapers Kati
  2. Jim trips and shoots himself
  3. Kati diapers herself
  4. Kati isn't done peeing yet...

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