Middle School Guy

Infinite AR - Episode 25570

Jim and Katie figured they'd went this far so why stop their fun now? So they used the ray gun on their confused dad. His adulthood soon left him as he regressed into a young teen. By the time they'd finished their work their dad was turned into a 13 or 14 year old boy.

"What do you think you're doing with MY keys?" Katie asked

Pete looked at the keys in his hand and had no idea how to answer. Afterall, the raygun had regressed him physically and mentally past the point he'd learn to drive a car, much less own one!

"I'm sorry" he said with a cracking voice and handed the keys to Katie.

"That's OK... Well, I guess you're here to mow the yard and clean the windows and whatever else it is you do for spending money so you better get started" Jim told him, doing everything he could to keep from laughing.

The story worked and their youthened father believed he was there to do work that was actually Jim and Katie's normal chores.

"Did you not bring any tools or supplies?" Katie asked shaking her head "What kind of 'handyman' are you anyway?"

"Uhhh gee.... I dunno.... It's kinda like my first job. I mean my first real job. I really need the money though!" Pete replied.

"That's OK Petey, there are supplies inside. Get some rags and cleaner and get the windows done. Then you can use our mower, but I'm going to have to dock you for the gas that's in it. You're supposed to pay for your own gas. Don't forget to trim too!! Then sweep the porches and sidewalk and then rake it all up because I just hate lawn clippings! OK?"

"OK, sir! I will! I'll do a good job. I promise!"

Jim and Katie laughed. "You better!" Katie told him wagging her finger at him as she mustered up some fake disgust at Petey's lack of preparation.

Katie and Jim drove off in their dad's car and watched in the mirror as he went inside. As soon as he entered the house he saw the 17 year old Wendy painting her toenails. "So like, who are you, dweeb?" she asked.

Pete didn't speak. He just stared at the teenaged hottie, lost in the sight of her bare legs.

"Did you hear me, dweeb? Dweeb??? DWEEB!!!?"

"Oh... huh? Uh yeah. Sorry! I uhhhh What did you say?" he stammered.

"Are you stupid or what? You've seen a girl before haven't you?"

"Uh, sure. I just uh... I just didn't know anyone was here. I'm Petey.. errrr Pete! I'm here to do some work for extra money and I'm supposed to get some rags and stuff from inside the house"

"Well, Peter, I don't see any rags here in the living room. Maybe you should look somewhere else, like a closet!"

"It's Pete..."


"My name is Pete... You said Peter"

"So, would you rather I, like, call you dweeb?"


"Then I'm gonna call you Peter!" she said laughing.

  1. Wendy decides to torment the younger boy more
  2. Katie and Jim have more fun in town with the raygun
  3. Wendy's mother (Jim and Katie's Grandmother) drops by
  4. Something else

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