New sister

Infinite AR - Episode 25567

Katie and Jim were trying to reach the fridge and get some food. Then Mom started to feel something wrong and started to forget being a mom instead she remembers being Katie and Jim's baby sister. Jim and Katie looked at her and she said hi bit bother and sissy she said as she started to poop her diaper and mush it all around her butt. Just then she started pooping herself more and more till she started to really smell. She starts sucking her thumb and pooping more. While Katie and Jim try to fix the gun. After a few days they manage to fix the gun and they try to test it.

  1. It worked
  2. It worked but there are side effects
  3. Jim uses the gun and makes Katie and his mom into his daughters and Sharon is the mommy
  4. They suffer the same symptoms as Jim and enjoy having dirty diapers
  5. Something else

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Danny Hooper

1/2/2020 11:28:52 PM

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