Katie's Baby

Infinite AR - Episode 25549

"Whoa!" Katie said suddenly feeling some extra pounds added to her. She looks down to see that her belly has swelled up, she also looks around to see that their mom is now out of sight entirely. "Jim, how young did you make mom?" Katie asked. "Uh, I think I may have accidentally made her really young." Jim said looking at Katie. "How young?" Katie asked sounding a little concerned. "I think pre-birth young." Jim answered. "WHAT?! Why am I pregnant with her then? Shouldn't grandma be pregnant again?" Katie asked concerned, she then began to have trouble breathing. "It's okay, it's okay just take a few deep breaths." Jim instructed Katie who did so and was able to calm down. Suddenly the front door began to open. Jim and Katie realized that their dad had gotten home earlier than expected. So he wouldn't ask what was going on Jim used the age changing device on him and made him...

  1. Highschool Age
  2. Middle School Age
  3. Elementary School Age
  4. Disappears and Katie becomes pregnant with him too
  5. Something Else

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4/5/2014 8:49:51 AM

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