Back in the Teenage Saddle

Infinite AR - Episode 25546

Katie pressed the device and made her mother into an average high school girl. She was at first curious as to what happened to her but then Jim used it to mentally regress her to fit her current age. "Mom, can I please get an Ipod? All my friends have one and I don't." Katie was surprised and delighted that her own mother was calling her mom and she was instead now calling the shots. "Sorry honey, But you'll have to wait until your birthday." Katie answered her. "Three months, Oh man, I can't believe this." Their former mother pouted as she turned on the TV. "Okay well, your 'mother' and I have to go out for a while." Jim said winking at Katie. "Right so we'll see you later, Wendy." Katie said calling her mother by her first name almost by force. Jim and Katie thought they were in the clear until they saw their dad drive up his car and come out, he was about to ask who they were when Katie used the device and turned their dad into...

  1. A High-School Guy (Same Age as their Mother)
  2. A Middle-School Guy
  3. An Elementary School Boy

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1/13/2013 4:34:44 PM

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