the queen of hearts

Infinite AR - Episode 25289

As jim was walking in the night he saw a castle. It was gorgeous and had a small village connected to it. As jim walked towards the castle he was circled by 7 soldiers. "FREEZE" said one of the soldiers wearing a giant playing card pounco. "traspaser what are you here" a solider said. "someplace to sleep for the night" jim said. "why is that guy in diapers kinda strange" a soldier said to another soldier. "look who's talking you guys look like some damn playing card with spears and axes" jim said as he grew angry from being so tried. "stand down gaurds. the boy or baby seems to be having a tampertamtrem let him end and send him to my chambers" a woman said. "yes my queen" a guard said. jim walked into the castle to met the queen. she was 6'5, red hair and blue eyes. she wore a red dress with black hearts. "what is your name young man" the red queen said. "jim, whats yours" he said. "Mary the queen of hearts" mary said. "are you knew to wonderland because your still messing you self" mary said as she poured two glasses of red wine. "what...i didn't even realize i did" jim said. "guard's supplies" mary yelled. the gaurds came with the supplies and the queen laid jim on the bed. she took the diapers off and then powered jim legs. "im sorry if this is degrading but bear with me" mary said. "it's cool but i can change myself" jim said. "sure but i really good with it sure im a little rusty" mary said. she slid it under and tapped the very large diaper on jim. "know jim have a drink ok" mary said. jim guzzled it down so it can hit him quick but jim just dropped like a bag of rocks. jim woke up in a red onesie and a black heart on it. a red adult size crib with a mobile of a scary cat, a white knight, a woman in black, a green monster, a man with a long hat and someone that looks like alice. the queen enter the nursery and told jim

  1. diaper change
  2. flamango ball
  3. a story
  4. this is all a dream
  5. something eles

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