they let jim go

Infinite AR - Episode 25280

"blossom you ow me 5 pine tree seed. i told you humans were diapers." sunny said. "he looks way too old to still were them but he did just use one." blossom said. "Girls he's new to wonderland and when humans come to this place there bowels and blatter become weak for a few years and i heard it longer for males." rosey said. "please let me go please." jim screamed crying. "we should let him go i can't stand to see a baby cry" tulip said laughing. sunny then said "dont worry baby jim mama well.." "stop it sunny. you had your fun we need to get going." rosey said interrupting sunny. the women started to walk back into the deep dark forest but sunny told jim somthing. she said "if i ever see you again im going to keep you as my baby ok or i might eat you because you are cute anoth to eat" sunny said liking her lips showing a little blood on her teeth. she then ripped up jims pants kiss jim goodbye and ran off into the woods. that was crazy just crazy this hole place is crazy. alice put me in a diaper that only can only be removed when full and the to have 4 chick wearing flowers for clothing and then thy went and change my diaper and then put two just to mess with my walking probably. jim got up and gathered his things and started walking again in just a double diaper and shirt.

  1. jim finds a house
  2. jim finds the castle of the queen of ace
  3. jim find the queen of hearts castle
  4. he goes back to alices
  5. he keeps walking

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12/25/2012 6:15:06 PM

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