jim in wonderland

Infinite AR - Episode 25271

as jim put then pendent on he felt his slef lifting up and disappeared. jim found his self falling down a hold and dropping into a tree. he hit it but didnt brack anything. "oh my head" jim said rubbing it. "hey are you allright" a woman said. jim looked up and saw a woman in her early 20's with blonde hair blue eyes and a white and blue dress and heals. "hey my names alice" the woman said. mys.. full name is jimmy glover but just call me jim" jim said. "are you from earth" alice asked. "um yeah were on the planet ma'am" jim told her with a smart mouth. "your from earth" alice said earth "ow know ill be right back jim try to hold it" alice said running somewhere. "what do you mean" jim said confused. 9 mins jims find its harder to move and that keeps farting in tell he mess his pant and underwere. "what then fuck just happen i just shit my self" jim said freaking out. 13 min later alice finds jim still freaking out by the tree. "im 17 fucking 17 why did i shit my pants" jim screamed. alice rushed over and huged jim tell him to come down and lay on the ground. "okay jim your bladder and bowels are weaker in wonderland so you going to this." alice said showing a big white diaper. "dont try to fight i see your scared jim" alice said holding him down. she unfold it the diaper and sliding it under him and tapping it. it was puffy and big and made his leg spread apart alittle. "how did you overpower me your 5'7 and im 6 Foot plus you dont even look strong" jim asked. "your going to get stronger over the years but in tell you get remotely stronger you should stay with me" alice told jim. inspired by wonderland comic book series 5 stars 10 times better then the original and a lot more sexy

  1. stay with alice
  2. stay at the tree
  3. go your own way east
  4. try to leave but alice wont let you
  5. go your own way west

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black nerd

12/24/2012 6:27:36 AM

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