Squeak Squeak

Infinite AR - Episode 25268

Jim opens his eyes. He is a small, white mouse in a mouse cage. There are two other mice in the cage with him. The door to the room his cage is in opens, and a young woman walks in. "It smells terrible in here!" she exclaims, "Why don't the kids clean out the cage once in a while." She opens a closet and pulls out a canister vacuum, plugging it in and turning it on. She starts with the floor, but after a few moments, is overcome by the smell.

"I guess I have to do everything around here," she sighs, heading over to the cage and opening up the door from the top. She takes the wand off the vacuum, leaving the hose and small nozzle. She reaches it in, careful to avoid the mice in the corner. Jim sits in the corner across from the other two mice. The nozzle sucks up all the mouse poops and bedding as it moves around. It slowly moves towards the other two mice. The brown mouse's tail whips around and is caught by the suction of the vacuum hose, and it shoots up the nozzle with a loud THUMP, flying down the hose into the vacuum bag in the canister.

The loud thump makes the young mother jump and she accidentally thrusts the nozzle towards the black mouse, sucking it up with another loud THUMP. Jim jumps back, scared of what will happen next. "Well, I guess that is what they get for not cleaning out the cage," she laughs. She notices Jim in the opposite corner. "I can't leave just one, plus they'll never clean up after it either. Better suck that one up too."

Jim squeaks with fear.

  1. Paralyzed with fear Mouse Jim
  2. Run away Mouse Jim

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