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Infinite AR: Katie is back with mommy [Episode 2519]

Katie is back with mommy

Infinite AR - Episode 2519

As the parents were following where little Jim ran off to, Katie disappeared from her mother's arms. Her mother suddenly became nine months pregnant.

"Josie, what's wrong?", asked David, Jim's father.

"Katie is back in my womb", answered Josie as she feels Katie kick her insides. "I hope she stops getting younger, we need to find Jimmy before this gets any worse".

"You know you look a more youthful honey", smiled David as he notices the wrinkles around his wifes eye's are now gone.

"You think we are being affected as well?", worried Josie patting her now smaller belly, she is now six months pregnant with Katie.

"Maybe, let's find Jimmy quickly", said David as they picked up there pace to find Jim, all the while Josie's pregnancy went further and further back.

They found Jim crying in one of the corners of the living room, now only 3 years old.

"Jimmy, is there a way to stop the youth effect?", asked David, bending down to Jim's level.

"No 'member, ma'be in 'puter", whimpered Jim rubbing his eye's. "Where Ka'ie?"

"Katie's right here, back with mommy", said Josie rubbing her 4 month pregnant belly.

Little Jimmy watched as his mother's belly shrank even more. He also felt himself shrinking into his clothes, becoming 2 years old. Just as his parents were about to leave and head back to his room, a mental fog appeared on there faces. Jimmy noticed that his mommy's belly looked flat. He was shocked as his parents started to remove their cloths in front of him. His knowledge of sex was forgotten, so what his parents were doing was weird to him. His daddy was sticking his wee wee into mommy and bouncing up and down. Inside Josie's womb, Katie was unfertilized as her sperm part left to return to her father's testicles. Katie egg floated back up toward her mother's ovary. Jim's parents rested on the floor.

"Ka'ie gone?", asked little Jimmy.

"Who's Katie baby, your imaginary friend?", asked Josie, who has completely forgotten her future daughter who is now resting in her ovary.

Josie picked up Jimmy to carry him back to his room. Jim was now one years old. He could feel some of his baby teeth go back up into his gums making them sore.

  1. Jimmy joins his sister in mommy
  2. His parents find a way to stop the effect
  3. Jim stops getting younger, but his parents continue to regress
  4. They find Jimmy's room is now a nursery, the computer is gone
  5. SE

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