Punishment For Running Away.

Infinite AR - Episode 25061

The woman then stood up after putting the diaper on Jim. She put her hands to her hips. "You better stay put little one." Jim then took this as an opportunity to make a run for it. He rolled over on to his stomach and lifted himself up a bit. Realizing that his legs wouldn't be able to hold him up, he decided to try and crawl. Moving each hand forward and each knee, he crawled slowly. The woman watched him do this and became angry. She bent down and gave him a light swat on his padded behind. "No! Bad baby!" The shock of the pat made him poop his diaper. He felt the warmth and could smell it immediately. He sat there on his hands and knees. He started to feel tears come up because of the sting from the spanking. The woman had a big grin and could smell his newly used diaper. Before he wet it, now he soiled his newest one. She reached down and picked him up. She carried him over to changing table and strapped him in. Jim felt restless and was scared of what would happen next. He tried to move but she strapped him. She was doing her best to prevent him from getting away and this was the next step. The woman grabbed the tapes and pulled them off his diaper. She slid it out and and started to clean him. The woman first began wiping his behind. "Whew! Someone made a stinky mess. Not only are you an escape artist but also a stinker. I'd rather deal with one over the other. " The woman grabbed a smaller diaper. She then lifted up his legs and pulled it between them. She fastened the tapes as he started to get young real fast. The diaper looked slightly big on him as he became a newborn.

  1. She puts him up for adoption
  2. He continues to regress

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