Infinite AR - Episode 24779

Kati transported to last week, where she was sitting next to her friend kelly on the bus. She looked down, and made a terrible discovery. She was still 3. And still very naked. Her friend kelly was in the middle of a conversation with her. "So he told yo-- Kati!? IS THAT YOU!?" Yelled kelly. "Yes! Yes! Qwiet!" Insisted kati. Since there wasn't too many people on the bus, kati went unnoticed by everyone except kelly. She then told kelly about what had happened. Kelly was in disbelief. "Well what do we do now?" Asked kelly. "We haf ta go to my bwothers woom an take his age gun thing" said kati. "But... were almost to school" said the now worried kelly. "What am I going to say if anyone sees me with a naked baby?" Complained kelly. "Jus put me in you backpack and take me ta my house" insisted kati. Unable to come up with any other solutions, kati was placed in kellys backpack and escorted off the bus.

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12/14/2012 1:15:19 AM

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